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The story of how First Page came about — and grew — is a story of the power of content. 

After more than a decade of working in content marketing, I realized where my career had taken me wasn't serving my personal story of growth or happiness any longer. I made a snap decision to start First Page, leave my career in San Francisco, and work remotely as an expat entrepreneur in Belize.

I wrote about how this decision on Medium in a post titled, "I’m Leaving My 6-Figure San Francisco Startup Career to Sell Ice Cream on a Beach."

This post was shared 2.2K times on social media and recommended 559 times on Medium. Because of one Medium post with a catchy title, an editor at Fast Company — one of the most-read business and entrepreneur publications in the U.S. — emailed me. He had read my story on Medium and asked me to share my story with Fast Company readers.

So, I shared with them How I Left My 12-Year Career in Silicon Valley to Work on a Beach in Belize and What I Learned When I Quit My Job, Moved to the Caribbean, and Become My Own Boss (Together shared 1.3k times).

Within the first article, I linked to the company who I used to form my LLC. When the growth director at that company discovered they had been linked to in Fast Company, he followed the link to read my article. It just so happens he was in the market for a new inbound marketing agency. So, I pitched the business and won my first client. 

Ladies and gents: from Medium to Fast Company to my first client. That is the POWER of content marketing. (Sprinkled with some of my own drive, expertise and acumen, of course).

From there, I was able to build what started as a solopreneur, freelancing business into an inbound marketing agency with three strategists and eight freelance writers. (All within one year). 

Today, First Page is ran from my home office in Belize and is a remote-working agency built with the strategic support from other digital nomads and expat entrepreneurs with impressive backgrounds who have chosen to leave corporate America for the thrill of travel and entrepreneurship. We have some great clients and impressive results. If you're interested in hearing how we can grow your business from afar, drop me a line.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn.

Climb that goddamn mountain.
— Jack Kerouac