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Content Marketing

The Experts Guide to Content Marketing in 2018

Learn how to create and share exceptional content. Cut through the noise, turn heads, and generate reposts or shares with effective content marketing.

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Aug 31, 2018

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Content is king.” It’s the very thing, as content marketers, that makes our world go round. But in a world of oversaturation and lots of digital “noise,” standing out in the crowd is increasingly difficult AND increasingly important. This month we focused on sharing lots of juicy content about creating content, and not just boring content, but how to create and share exceptional content. The ultimate goal is to cut through the noise and turn heads, or better yet, generate reposts or shares. Join us for the First Page monthly roundup on the topic, you guessed it, Content Marketing.

Building your Content Marketing Program

The 7 Fundamentals of a Great Content Marketing Program

Just as with building a business, it's important to have a plan for building your content marketing program/strategy. If the correct foundation isn’t in place, you run the risk of your efforts not paying off, which in turn affects your business. This blog by Convince and Convert walks you through each step of building a program that will yield results. Grab a pen and notebook (or the Notes app in your iPhone) and get ready to start building a killer content strategy.

Content Creation

15 Essential Content Creation Apps You Need Right No

Often times, creating unique content or coming up with a great idea can be the most challenging part. It’s you and a blank page, waiting for an idea to spark. In this blog, Jeff Bullas uncovers 15 apps that can help spark ideas, fine-tune existing ideas, or focus on targeting and optimization. Feel like you’re in a content slump? Check it out.

Data-Driven Content Creation

Your Business Needs to Be Creating Data-Driven Content Now

To elaborate on the previous topic, you’ve learned that any content will not suffice in today’s market. Thankfully there are ways for us to measure what our customers or clients are looking for and further providing. In this blog, First Page Chief Marketing Expert, Jeanna Barrett, shares how you can use data to create customer targeted content. Learn how Zillow and other brands are doing this well so you can adopt a similar strategy.

Going Viral

Content Marketing Basics: 7 Rules to Create Blog Posts that Go Viral

Now that you have your strategy in place, it's time to think about going viral — every content marketer’s dream. This infographic won't do the work for you but the clues to success are there. Catch this blog where the information is expanded upon.



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