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Clicks to Conversions: How Our Client's CTA Overhaul Led to a 150% Increase in Transactions

CTAs are a crucial element of growth marketing. Don't just take our word for it: We'll let this client's skyrocketing blog revenue speak for itself.

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By taking a more nuanced approach to the user experience and executing a call to action (CTA) overhaul, we raised Incfile's blog revenue by 115%, boosted their transaction count by 150%, and increased our paid ROI from the blog by 4,800% in a single month.

Setting Our Sights on an Improved Customer Journey

Each client's target audience is unique, and that's especially true for Incfile. With a user base composed of scrappy self-starters eager to set off on their entrepreneurial journey, Incfile's audience is anything but indifferent.

With that in mind, we knew an overtly sales-y approach wasn't the way to go. An audience like Incfile's responds best to accurate information and a straightforward choice, not emotional manipulation and negative selling tactics.

So to earn their business via blog posts, we needed to focus on taking Incfile's CTA game to the next level.

Crafting Superior CTAs

How do you create a CTA that even a dedicated DIY-er will click? First, you make sure the CTA is relevant to their goal.

To do so, we used HubSpot to create custom blog-specific CTAs. We began by mapping the most highly trafficked blog posts to the right CTAs; then, we worked our way through the remainder of Incfile's 900+ blog posts.

Next, we set up reporting to track not only CTA clicks but also where users went after leaving the blog. This helped us understand Incfile's audience, the journey they were on, and the way in which they interacted with our content, which in turn informed us how we could better serve their needs.

Finally, we set out to improve each blog post's CTA even further by making them short, sweet, and to the point.

Here's what the existing CTA images looked like:


And here's the trimmed-down version we A/B tested against them:


To see the fruits of our labor, though, we'd have to wait for the results to come in.

Reaping the Rewards

Fortunately, it didn't take long for our changes to make an impact.

Remember how we mapped each blog post to the right CTA? Just one month after carrying out that retargeting effort, our paid media ROI from the blog increased by 4,800%.

Our endeavors to better understand what products readers were most interested in paid off, too. After embedding products at specific user touchpoints directly into the blog, submission rates and purchases from blog content grew dramatically.

Specifically, since March 2020, blog revenue increased by 115%, while the number of transactions rose by nearly 150%.

Individual products benefited from the change, too. Qualified submissions for Incfile's accounting service grew from 3.66% to 17.64%, and the virtual address service grew from 0% to 1.82%.

Finally, the A/B tests we used to compare the old CTA images to our new, simpler buttons showed that users greatly preferred the latter over the former. On a single blog post, the new CTA button led to a 4% higher conversion rate, plus a $19 increase in revenue per conversion.

All in all, the success of our CTA campaign can be boiled down to one key lesson: If you take the time to analyze the customer journey, you can give users the CTAs they actually want, not the CTAs you think they want.

And if you do so successfully, your results can be measured in dollars and cents.

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Deepshikha Dhankhar

As a content strategist & marketer, Deepshikha does more than answering "are you a writer?" With a decade of experience in editorial and inbound content, she's particularly obsessed with dynamic content and a data-driven approach in addition to story-telling for SMBs and Enterprises. She lives in the UK with her husband and a little daughter and wishes to visit Edinburgh at least 5 times a year!

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