First Page Roundup: Matching Customer Intent in 2020

Here we are, excited for an aggressive marketing year and ready to tell you what we're focusing on in 2020 and what we recommend you focus on: CUSTOMER INTENT. This has been our buzz phrase for the month's leading up to 2020. Here's why it matters...Google has already been talking about search intent for all of last year. They have been serving search results based on perceived search intent, not specific keyword phrases anymore. So, this should have shifted everyone's content strategy. 

For our clients, we've stepped back and instead of building our inbound strategies around personas and a buyer's journey, we've also now layered on intent paths. And each persona may have a different set of intent paths and need a separate customer journey. In short, 2020 inbound marketing just became a whole h*ll of a lot more complicated. But, more aligned with revenue-generating business goals.

Our January roundup is full of resources and ideas to help. Let’s get started!

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It’s Never Too Late to Double Down on Your SEO — Here’s Why

Brands who prioritize SEO see tangible results through increased traffic, higher quality leads, stronger brand authority, and a higher ROI. Certainly, there are immediate gains to be found in outbound/ad-based marketing which is great, but to see exponential long-term growth, customers need to find you on the web via as many inroads as possible — and that can only come from SEO:


2020 Content Benchmarks & Trends

2020 B2C Content Marketing: An Excellent Adventure

Google analyzes content for quality and relevance. Studying mountains of data manually is near impossible. Thankfully AI is here to help:


12 Content Marketing Platforms fit for any Budget

Why You Need One and How to Find the Right Content Marketing Platform For YOU

These tools are set up to help you achieve and succeed with the content creation process and make it all the while more streamlined. Take a look at this comparison chart to  find what's best for your brand:year:


Prioritize A/B Testing for Higher Conversion Rates

Learn How the Smallest Changes can Yield the Biggest Results

Looking for higher engagement, reduced bounce rates, and higher conversion rates? A/B testing can lead to major breakthrough's around how customers are interacting with your content:


Your Business Needs to be Creating Data-Driven Content Now

The Content Marketing Strategy You Can Trust

Not only is data-driven content a way to strengthen your brand's expertise and authority, but it also creates more shareable content, bolsters SEO, and infographics or reports featuring your research work great in public relations pitches:


10 SEO Trends for 2020 You Should Know

These 10 SEO Trends are Worth Studying

From user-focused optimization, establishing expertise and authority, to UX and knowledge graph optimization, we're paying close attention to what Search Engine Journal ranks as this year's SEO trends: 


These Big Companies Rely on Remote Working Teams

10 Companies that Hire Employees for “Work From Anywhere” Jobs

If you're still doubting the effectiveness of remote employees, take a page from these major companies — American Express, Amazon, Apple, and Glassdoor are all reaping the rewards of remote teams and you can too:

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