First Page Roundup: Customer Marketing

This month we don't want to talk about football, mashed potatoes or fall centerpieces — our November Roundup is focused on Customer Marketing as part of a marketing funnel. Let’s get started!

It’s Time to Put the Customer First, Again

Customer Marketing: The New Marketing Funnel

While the traditional marketing funnel focuses on the actions a company takes to guide potential leads through the buyer’s journey, we’d like to propose a new funnel:

SEO Demystified

6 Steps to a Successful SEO Strategy

Your brand likely already has an SEO strategy in place. Can you tell us, in one minute, what that strategy is? A clear, concise strategy is imperative. Here are 6 steps to help:

Does Growing Your Lead Gen by 72% Sound Good?

Inbound Marketing Leads to 72% More Leads for Businesses

Most likely you're seeing some business from inbound leads but did you know you could be seeing up to 72% of new business leads solely from inbound strategies?

Who Are You REALLY Trying to Reach?

How Will Buyer Personas Help My Business?

To effectively align marketing and sales strategies, you must first have a clear picture of your target audience. Creating an accurate buyer's persona is essential:

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Every Team Should Understand the CRO Objectives

Is CRO a Function of a Product Team, Marketing Team or UX/Design Team?

The end goal is the same — convert more customers. But if your teams aren’t on the same page in utilizing data and the changes needed to increase conversion, the whole thing falls apart:

Keyword Research + Well Executed Plan = Traffic

Will This Real-Life Search Turn Up a Keyword Ranking Opportunity?

It's amazing how a little focused keyword research can uncover huge content marketing opportunities. To see real results you need to work with SEO experts who can create a custom strategy tailored for your brand. Check out this real-life case study:

Ready to Build a World-Class Remote Marketing Team?

Six Tips (and Tools) to Building a World-Class Remote Marketing Team

The results continue to reiterate the benefits of working with a remote team. Lower overhead, increased productivity and satisfaction among team members, the list goes on. Managing your dream team effectively is key. Here are 6 tips:

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