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2 Must Read Books for Marketing Leadership in 2021

This month's roundup takes a look at how to increase blog traffic and revenue, Hubspot's content strategy approach and hiring mistakes. Learn more.

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Jeanna Barrett
Jeanna Barrett

Nov 03, 2020

This month, our founder Jeanna is sharing two books that made her rethink business culture this year — and they’re likely relevant to every marketing leader going into 2021...

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less Hardcover – by Greg McKeown

  • This book helps drill down to one important question — what is the essential intent of your business, and your work/team's work? If you're able to answer this question, you have created a clear purpose for your team, clients and website. We've created our Essential Intent at First Page: to grow our client's traffic and revenue, increasing marketing ROI.

Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott

  • Radical Candor is described simply as providing candid feedback and caring for those you work with. Without feedback, people can't do their best work. Without caring, you're just a jerk. Creating a Radically Candid culture goes both ways — to those who work for you, and from those who work for you to you. How can you be more radically candid with your team this week, month and year? I'm going to be radically candid with you right now — you need to read this month's content because we're providing some pretty essential tips on how to triple your blog revenue, fix SEO dips that might have come about during COVID-19, and a couple great guides on making HubSpot work right for your brand. 😏

Take a look at the rest of our November roundup which is full of resources and ideas that can help prepare you and your brand to grow in 2021. Let’s get started!

Double or Triple Your Blog Revenue With This Tactic

At the end of the day, your blog is a revenue generation source — be it in the form of sales, leads, or affiliate commissions. And doubling or tripling your blog revenue with the same traffic you are receiving now IS possible. A simple yet very effective tactic can help your brand significantly increase blog revenue. Here’s how:


The HubSpot Approach to Content Strategy

Is your approach to content marketing focused or scattered? Do you know who you're trying to reach and how to find them? If your business doesn’t prioritize this way, likely the competition does. Create your strategy with confidence, provide value to your target customer with HubSpot best practices:

free seo and content audit analysis

The Future of Remote Work: An Unsettled Viewpoint on Remote Working Teams

First Page founder, Jeanna Barrett, describes her experience building a successful (remote) inbound marketing agency, her trip with Unsettled's digital nomad experience to Colombia, South America and her advice on how to build a successful remote working team:


Getting Your Story Straight: Brand Alignment for Better Channel Efficiency

Brand alignment happens when every employee understands and communicates how your company fulfills its brand promise. This doesn’t just mean your employees can recite your mission, vision, and values. Read how we approach aligning our team and brand mission:


How to Boost Organic Search Traffic in a Pandemic?

Many brands are feeling the weight of the pandemic and seeing significant drops in website traffic, which means a drop in leads, conversions, and ultimately, sales. Here are some actionable steps you can take to boost your organic site traffic and grow your business::


Your Guide to Migrating Your Website/Blog Over from WordPress or Squarespace to HubSpot CMS

The number one reason you should migrate your website to HubSpot is it's an end-to-end platform which provides you with everything needed to create, manage, and market your brand. This detailed guide will take you through the process. Learn more:


I Made These Remote Hiring Mistakes in 2019

Hiring and managing a remote working team can be extremely rewarding. But it's not without some challenges. Here are six 'mistakes' we made when hiring for our 100% remote inbound marketing agency, and most importantly, how we corrected them:


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Jeanna Barrett

Jeanna is the Founder & Chief Remote Officer for First Page Strategy, an award-winning, fully distributed marketing agency. Jeanna has a combined 17 years of inbound marketing experience at venture-backed startups, digital agencies and Fortune 500 companies, with an expertise focus on business and tech. She's been named 'Top 40 Under 40' of brand marketers and 'Best in the West' for financial technology marketing. In 2016, Jeanna left the U.S. to lay roots and build her business in Belize, and in 2021 First Page was named #43 in fastest growing private companies of Inc. 5,00 Regionals: California.

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