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Growth Marketing

Decisions, Decisions. How to Choose Between Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking [+INFOGRAPHIC]

Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking are both making waves in the marketing world - but what exactly are they and how are they different? Let us help.

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Alan Bedingfield
Alan Bedingfield

Sep 04, 2022

You’ve probably heard a lot about growth hacking and growth marketing over the last couple of years. And of course, on the whole, growth sounds like a pretty great goal for your brand. But how will you get there? Growth hacking or growth marketing? How are they different? Are they even different? Let’s clear up the confusion.

MYTH: Growth hacking and growth marketing mean basically the same thing.

REALITY: Growth marketing is not the same as growth hacking. They share a similar goal (growth, obviously), but the approach is often very different, and the outcomes aren’t always the same.

MYTH: Growth hacking will deliver long-term success for my brand.

REALITY: Growth hacking is more focused on short-term goals. Growth hacks are tactics you use to make quick wins, but they aren’t as strategic and the results don’t usually last.

MYTH: Growth marketing is just a buzzword.

REALITY: Not at all. Growth marketing is a strategic approach to creating long-term, sustainable growth. Growth hacking tactics can be used as a part of an overarching growth marketing strategy.


You might already see where we’re going with this, but just in case, let’s break it down. Who’s ready for a quiz?

Decisions, Decisions. How to Choose Between Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking [+INFOGRAPHIC] Q2 #1

Growth Marketing vs. Growth Hacking: Which Is Best?

Bottom line: There’s plenty of room in the sandbox for both growth marketing and growth hacking. In fact, we say that they’re always better together. You can make growth hacking a part of your growth marketing strategy, so you reap the rewards of quick results from successful growth hacks while you’re implementing your larger growth marketing strategy. Whether you’re a startup, a thriving tech company, or a B2B brand, you can benefit from both growth hacking and growth marketing.

How Do I Find a Growth Marketing Partner?

We’re glad you asked. You’ll want to be smart in choosing a growth marketing agency as a trusted partner and make sure you ask all the right questions. At FPS, we pride ourselves on having the answers. Let’s find out how we can grow — together. Contact us today!

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Alan Bedingfield

Alan is a strategic marketer and business leader with global experience working for organizations like Google, Microsoft, Toyota, and The Movember Foundation. Over the years, his work has shifted perspectives, influenced change, and driven results.

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