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Revamping Lead Generation: How We Doubled Our Client's Leads in Just One Year

By implementing a user-centric lead generation strategy, we were able to boost a client's total leads by over 270%. Here's how.

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Joanna Mosca
Joanna Mosca

Apr 13, 2023

Traffic is only part of the equation: We needed to take our client's visitors one step closer to becoming paying customers. By implementing an intuitive, user-focused lead gen strategy, we were able to double Incfile's leads in just one year.

Putting Ourselves in Users' Shoes

Lead generation is as much art as it is science: Successfully piquing users' interest requires artistic nuance, but ensuring everything works flawlessly from a technical perspective is decidedly scientific.

So to ensure we generated as many new leads as possible while delivering high-quality content, capturing users' attention, and providing a seamless experience, we put a great deal of effort into SEO and targeted paid advertising. This helped get the right people to the right pages.

We didn't stop there, though. Once a visitor is on a page, we need to ensure they can quickly find exactly what they're looking for and guide them through the appropriate customer journey accordingly. As they move along that journey, we have mechanisms in place to capture leads and offer genuinely valuable products and services.

Implementing New Processes

Our lead generation philosophy is all about improving the user experience and making it easy for potential customers to ultimately find the best products for them. We accomplished that by adopting new processes for testing, optimizing, and automating.


It was crucial for us to consistently test setups and technical operations in order to identify any previously overlooked bumps in the road. Specifically, we:

  • ensured all workflows (HubSpot's built-in automation tools) were properly set up;
  • connected all lead gens forms to the correct workflows and reporting dashboards;
  • eliminated duplicate forms and workflows;
  • confirmed that all lead gen forms received appropriate follow-up and nurture campaigns; and
  • continue to conduct regular checks to ensure everything is functioning as intended and running smoothly.


In the same vein, we also conducted a thorough audit of Incfile's existing forms, workflows, content, and lead nurturing tactics. From that audit, we were able to find several ways to optimize and improve our existing campaigns, leading to a 55% increase in lead volume the first month.

Often these were small tweaks that didn't take long to implement — such as moving a form higher up on a landing page — but they led to a much better user experience, and ultimately, conversion rate.


We also aimed to relieve Incfile of manual tasks (and improve the user experience while we were at it) by automating particularly time-consuming duties.

Specifically, we automated Incfile's business name search process. Before automation, someone would have to manually search through a given state's business records before sending an email back to the customer. But with a workflow in place, that entire process is performed automatically, so Incfile's employees have less work while their leads get a faster response.

As mentioned above, we achieved seamless automation with the help of HubSpot workflows. These customizable automated processes are part of why HubSpot is fantastic for lead generation, and they enabled us to turn tedious tasks into highly efficient procedures.

Automation wasn't just crucial for cutting down on repetitive tasks, though — it was also necessary for scaling our lead gen efforts as well as Incfile's business as a whole. While manual testing is possible, automation is what made our program scalable and ready for the future.

Watching the Leads Roll In

As a result of our lead gen efforts, Incfile's leads saw dramatic growth.

From April 2021 to April 2022, total leads increased by more than 270%.

And by automating Incfile's once-tedious Business Name Search process, as well as thoroughly testing and optimizing the Business Name Search landing page, we were able to achieve a:

  • 47% increase in visit-to-submission conversion; and
  • 211% increase in time spent on page.

Lead generation has a reputation for being hard, but it doesn't need to be. With attention to detail and a focus on the user experience, we were able to ensure the brand made a great impression on potential customers and demonstrated expertise, reliability, and value in the sales process. Once we did that, the leads came in naturally.

And by nurturing those leads and continuing to provide them with genuine value, we can turn them into loyal customers.

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Joanna Mosca

Growth and lead generation expert with over 15 years of experience working with brands in the tech, events, media and publishing industries. Worked with B2B and B2C organizations of all sizes, ranging from start-up to Fortune 500. Content marketing writer and contributor on several industry blogs including content marketing posts for Business Insider.

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