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Meet our Expansion Growth Engine

You've got the strategy, the visibility and the conversion. What's next? Expansion. Find out how we do it at First Page with our Expansion Growth Engine.

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Jeanna Barrett
Jeanna Barrett

Dec 01, 2021

If you've been following our series on our growth engine acceleration plan, you would have a fair understanding of how we at First Page work through each stage of the growth marketing journey. Don't worry if you haven't had a chance; you can check out the previous installments on our Strategic Growth Engine, Visibility Growth Engine, and Conversion Growth Engine. It's a quick and comprehensive read, we promise.

Expanding to new markets and exploring new channels of distribution is something every B2B SaaS brand wants in its marketing plan, but it doesn't always go off without a hitch. One of the main reasons brands get stuck at the expansion stage is that they haven't previously nailed strategy, visibility, and conversion. Simply put, they aren't firing on all cylinders.

Many brands try to get in gear, but they do too much with too little visibility and no real grasp of the metrics that matter, which makes it impossible to trace the right growth trajectory. The good news? There's a way to get back on track. You might just need to swerve in a new direction. If expansion is your goal, and growth is on the horizon, we've got your back. What's going to power your drive to achieve more? Our expansion growth engine.


What Is an Expansion Growth Engine?

Every marketing playbook or 101 guide will have all of the "right" tactics you simply must implement in your strategy. Usually, they tout them as "Revolutionary Never-Before-Attempted Strategies" or "100% Effective Strategies You Must Try Now!" You get the idea. It sounds like a lot of hype, but usually, the tactics themselves are sound. The hype is in the presentation. Most articles would have you think each tactic is a separate and unique method to achieve expansion and growth. That's where the problem lies.

Our expansion growth engine accelerates your growth by addressing these very issues - the broken processes that don't help you reach your aggressive revenue goals. The expansion engine helps identify blocks of stuck revenue or traffic and other business expansion opportunities that otherwise should have pushed the business forward. With a traditional marketing strategy, this could take years to start seeing tangible results, but with our plan, long-term, sustainable and measurable growth is within reach.

A part of this process is also knowing when to challenge the status quo. Customers already have an implicit bias. That's where the growth opportunity lies. You can address this by helping them see or uncover problems and opportunities they (and you) don't yet know exist. Here's how our expansion engine can help:


Components of Expansion Growth Engine

When it came to what we wanted to include in our expansion engine, one thing was clear — the accessibility and the possibility of campaigns/activities that we could measure/map with a clear intent path. Let's understand this in detail:

1. Influencer Outreach

As per Influencer Marketing Hub, "Influencer marketing is expected to grow to be worth $13.8 billion in 2021." Influencer marketing is a tricky one — where do you start, when do you start, do you even need it? We'll help you figure it all out.

  • We'll conduct outreach to influencers to build content together with them — content that is linked to and grows brand awareness.
  • Backlinks and organic reach earned through influencer efforts help increase organic conversions and revenue further.

2. Podcasts and Sponsorships

  • Podcasts or webinars or sponsorships or masterclasses? So many options, right? Our outreach team will work to secure podcasts and sponsorships to amplify your brand message across different target niches.
  • Podcasts, when converted into webinars, provide opportunities for higher conversions and expansion into newer target audiences.

first page expansion engine

Source: First Page Strategy


3. Custom-Branded SEO Tools

  • We'll build a plan for a great SEO tool(s) that serves a need online and brings in traffic, links, and leads that convert to customers.
  • How is this different from standard SEO? Branded SEO can contribute significantly to monthly traffic and revenue, and we work at amplifying that brand awareness and establishment with the target audience beyond common SEO tactics.

4. Multimedia

  • We'll layer on multimedia to your blogs and landing pages so they start to "win" Google rich snippets in search results.
  • How users search on Google keeps evolving and so does our multimedia plan of action to ensure your brand is "listening" to what potential customers are searching for.

5. Infographics

  • Our team will create infographics that are high quality and great for building backlinks and rich content in blogs.
  • We'll place these on different sites — free and paid to get you added promotion and backlinking opportunities.

6. Videos

  • We'll bring in traffic and leads from the second-largest search engine — YouTube — by creating content videos.
  • Viral or not, good quality videos leave a lasting impression on your potential customers' minds and that enhances branded SEO as well.

7. Chatbots

  • We'll help convert website visitors while they're on your site using chatbots that are configured to serve up the content and answer your prospects' needs.
  • Chatbots are also a non-intrusive way to survey your existing and potential customers to ensure you're serving them right and explore any gaps.

8. Lead Newsletters

  • We'll create and send monthly lead newsletters to nurture your leads, keeping them warm until they're ready to convert.
  • Away from a regular, basic newsletter, we work on creating a newsletter strategy that is highly focused on the user journey and the right kind of CTAs that convert.

9. Retargeting Ads

  • We'll create a thorough retargeting strategy to ensure you're not missing out on potential highly convertible traffic.
  • From Facebook ads to native advertising (written and video), retargeting, when done well, will yield great results and we focus on that.

10. Attribution Reporting

  • Remember how we spoke about being able to map each and every conversion metric? That's where attribution comes in. We'll work at an attribution reporting dashboard that goes beyond the stand dashboards your CRM comes in-built with.
  • This ensures we're not missing any clear metrics and intent paths that are converting more than the others so you could then take the desired action.

How's First Page's Expansion Engine Different?

You may have already come across a lot of expansion strategies and may have very well implemented them in your marketing. You may have gotten some great results or some great testing in case the results weren't as expected. The key is not "what we do differently," but "how we do it." Instead of piling lots of strategies onto one person and into one quarter, we work with experts who have decades of experience in their respective fields and have unique abilities that cannot be easily replaced.

We get the help of our experts at all stages of the growth engine and lay out step-by-step plans spanning across months and sometimes quarters to ensure nothing is missed and that we've successfully filled the existing gaps. That's what also makes this a very sustainable growth engine — it's not a one-time thing. Once all of the screws and bolts are in their right places and tightened, the engine can keep running its track as long as there's no change in the strategic direction requiring changing paths. In that case as well, there will be another growth engine ready to be kick-started as the foundation for a new campaign.

Plus, we've worked with tons of B2B SaaS, tech, and Fintech agencies that want to achieve aggressive goals like yourself, fast and mostly organically, so that in the long run, it's more sustainable than purely running on PPC ads.

If you're ready to start your engine(s), we're here to turn the key, hit the gas, and get you moving. Contact us to learn more about our growth engines and how to get started with a mini growth acceleration plan of your own, which is completely complimentary.



Jeanna Barrett

Jeanna is the Founder & Chief Marketing Expert for First Page, an award-winning, fully distributed marketing agency. Jeanna has a combined 17 years of inbound marketing experience at venture-backed startups, digital agencies and Fortune 500 companies, with an expertise focus on business and tech. She's been named 'Top 40 Under 40' of brand marketers and 'Best in the West' for financial technology marketing. In 2016, Jeanna left the U.S. to lay roots and build her business in Belize, and in 2021 First Page was named #43 in fastest growing private companies of Inc. 5,00 Regionals: California.

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