Introducing the New First Page Brand

Hey Look — Our Team, Services & Business Has Grown

Today I’m proud to roll out version two of First Page Strategy — three years, almost to the day, after I launched my business before moving to Belize in 2016. The first half of this year, we worked hard on re-imagining the entire brand, and redesigning the website from the ground up. First Page is now sporting a sexy new look and our internet home base feels much more “US.”

I say US and not ME because First Page has now grown to 12 marketing experts across the globe, all living a remote work lifestyle and building the lives we want, on our terms. This modern lifestyle means we can offer full inbound marketing services to our clients at a fraction of the cost because we have no overhead. We consider ourselves a collective of remote marketing experts focused on data-driven marketing.

Welcome to the new First Page Strategy. Your global marketing team.

FP Team Blog Photo.jpg

First Page has also zeroed in on the marketing services we offer, the value we provide and why we’re different. And through our partnerships in the last three years, we have the data to prove we’re some of the VERY best in the marketing industry. We’re doing work we’re proud of for clients we want to work with. If you’d like to work with an SEO company or inbound marketing agency that won’t overpromise and underdeliver (a story I hear far too much), then we’re your team. Simply put: we know what we’re doing, and we guarantee you’ll see the return on your investment.

Three years ago, when I left San Francisco for Belize and launched First Page, I didn’t have any idea how far I could (or would) take it. I planned to do some freelance writing and maybe some consulting hours. The most important thing to me was to take my life back and reimagine how I could make money and live my life — I wanted less hours spent in an office and more free time; less stress and more balance; less ‘next best thing’ and more gratitude; less office politics and more genuine friendships. I wanted to make money on my terms. Building this company and working with people who also want to redefine ‘the office’ has been a wild ride. It’s a dream I didn’t even know I had three years ago. But as I continue to travel, work remotely, carve out time for my hobbies, all while feeling balanced and with zero burn out, I know it’s the path that allows me to do my very best work. I’m also constantly thinking about how I can continue building the best remote company and offer an exceptional experience for our clients. Our journey is just beginning…

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