First Page Roundup: Meaningful Content

From SEO and voice search trends to Pinterest codes and AI automation, this month’s roundup provides you with an arsenal of information to improve your overall marketing impact. Our goal is share top articles we’ve been reading and saving as well as our own to give you some tangible info and data you can put to use right away. Let’s get started!

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Behold The Power of a DIY SEO Audit

The First Page Guide To Doing Your Own Small Business SEO Audit and Plan

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website and content so your business appears on the first page of Google. At first, it can be daunting but with a little time and consistency, you’ll create a funnel of new, incoming business. Let us guide you through the process:

Voice Search Is A Trend Worth Listening To

80% of Voice Search Answers Are From Top 3 Organic Results [STUDY]

Did you know that 80% of voice search answers are coming from the top 3 organic results? This article illustrates some key facts and findings to help you navigate and optimize your business for voice search in 2019:

From the Experts: Content Marketing Advice NOT to Follow

38 Experts Share the Worst Content Marketing Advice

Now usually we share things you should be doing to improve your overall marketing chops. In this case, here are 38 examples of what NOT to do as told by various marketing experts:

Clickbait Is Annoying, Right? Your Audience Thinks So, Too

How to Write Click-Worthy Titles Without Being Click-Bait and Alienating Your Audience

So, how do you go about writing click-worthy titles that will entice your readers while also providing the quality and substance they're looking for? Read on for a few ideas to help you write better taglines:

What CMO's Should Know About Marketing Automation and AI

What CMOs Need to Know About Marketing Automation

Are you utilizing the power of automation in your marketing workflow? Here are some ways to make the most out of automation in the modern digital/AI powered landscape:


When is Content Too Much?

A good content marketing strategy is designed to create and deliver valuable, consistent and relevant content to your brand’s target audience in an effort to get them to take an action. But how much is too much?

Pin It to Win It

Macy’s Summer Campaign Heads Outside with Pinterest Codes

Now that it's gone public, Pinterest offers some incredible growth and engagement opportunity. See how pin codes and other features can be used for experiential marketing to drive engagement from your core customers:

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