Customer Loyalty Through Content Marketing

Two businesspeople shaking hands, representative of the relationship between business and customer.

A business is nothing without its customer, and the more a business knows about its customer, the better it can market to them. With the world we live in today, knowing your audience and customer’s unique wants and needs is easier than ever. To help you pinpoint and segment your marketing strategy, we’ve gathered a roundup of customer-centric blogs to gain clarity on your audience and improve customer loyalty. Expect lots of premium content on how to cater your marketing efforts to your customer; whether that's in email marketing, paid ads, brand voice, or social media. After all, they are your biggest asset.


Nail Down Your Brand Voice and Tone on Social Media

How To Find Your Brands Social Media Voice & Tone

“More than ever, consumers seek authentic brands with a clear mission, voice, and tone.” Luckily for us, as marketers, we’ve been given the perfect platforms to share our companies unique mission, and personality on a daily basis-- Social Media. Identifying your unique voice and tone is the very thing that will set you apart from the competition, attract your ideal customer and keep their interest peaked. If you’re looking for a refresh on how to solidify your unique voice and tone, this is the blog for you.

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Knowing Your Social Media Audience Forwards and Backwards

Why Your Social Media Audience is Critical for Content Marketing

Want your content to spread like wildfire? Cultivating an audience that’s excited to share your content is the key and pinpointing why your audience is happy to share something is your ticket to success. In this blog, expect to learn the type of content people are more inclined to share, how your reputation plays into the mix, and surprisingly how who you follow can have a stronger impact than you think.


How to Incorporate Content Marketing Into Your Customer Service Strategy

6 Reasons You Need to Make SEO A Priority in Your Editorial Calendar

We live in a reality where consumers have knowledge, information, and resources at their fingertips. Providing top-notch customer service laced within content marketing is not only a good idea but a total necessity. Tailoring your content to answer your customers' unique needs and problems is an excellent way to provide customer service without pushing product on them. Learn this solution along with 5 others that will result in superb customer service.

Divide and Conquer

In the Relationship Era, No One Should Be Marketing to Strangers

As Digital Marketers, we spend countless hours and exorbitant amounts of money on advertisements, often without taking the time to study the audience first. Tsk, tsk. Understanding the unique data on your audience and what their needs are, will serve your brand time and time again. In this blog, you’ll learn how to stop the madness by using segmentation in email marketing, ad campaigns and more, further building relationships and trust with your audience which is, after all, the ultimate goal.

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