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We're a HubSpot Partner Agency — What Does That Really Mean for You?

First Page is a HubSpot partner agency that helps tech and SaaS brands get the most of their content, SEO, and lead gen. Here's how we operate.

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Sabih Javed

Jun 18, 2021

You may have heard some marketing agencies pitching themselves as a HubSpot partner agency, but what does that really mean? It’s likely you’re already familiar with HubSpot, as it is one of the most popular multi-purpose inbound marketing platforms, covering everything from sales to content to CRM and beyond. It offers easy-to-use tools that help brands solve key marketing issues like lead generation, lead scoring, content management, and more.

A HubSpot Partner Agency benefits from access to all the HubSpot resources and tools so that it can offer amazing services to its clients. First Page is a HubSpot Partner Agency that helps you with inbound marketing via HubSpot’s amazing tools and resources. 

But how does it help you and your brand? What can we, as a HubSpot Partner Agency, offer your brand that other agencies can’t?

Let’s find out.

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What Is a HubSpot Partner Agency?

HubSpot has a dedicated program for marketing agencies that are focused on inbound marketing and use HubSpot’s platform to deliver. Agencies receive training from HubSpot along with an account manager. The idea is to offer agencies all the HubSpot solutions and tools so that they can better serve their clients. In return, agencies serve their clients using these resources.

A HubSpot agency is better equipped than a non-HubSpot agency for two main reasons:

  1. HubSpot agencies have the tech stack at their disposal. Other agencies might not have all the marketing tools available to them.

  2. HubSpot agencies receive intensive training that is reflected in the work they do for their clients. This is another area where other inbound marketing agencies are usually lacking.


Where to Find a HubSpot Partner Agency

HubSpot maintains a directory of partner agencies:

First Page partner profile on HubSpot

All the agencies listed in the directory are part of the HubSpot Agency Program. You will find agency names, reviews, an overview, and other details in the directory.

An agency that’s listed in the HubSpot directory is guaranteed to be authentic and genuine. When you are dealing with a HubSpot Agency Partner, it means you are in the right hands.


What a HubSpot Partner Agency Can Do for You

As a client, when you are working with a HubSpot Partner Agency, you get access to a wealth of benefits. Here are the top perks: 

Top-Notch Inbound Marketing Services

HubSpot and its agencies are all about inbound marketing. This means you'll be focused on creating valuable content that will attract your ideal customers.

Your customers will find you and connect with you instead of you running after them. Inbound marketing produces 54 percent more leads than outbound marketing and it costs 62 percent less per lead than traditional marketing. The average cost per lead and customer for inbound marketing is much lower than traditional marketing:

average cost per lead/customer

A clear enough reason to work with an inbound agency, right?

With this marketing philosophy, a HubSpot Partner Agency will develop a robust inbound marketing strategy for your brand. And it isn’t just limited to strategy development; rather, it includes execution as well.

You'll receive all the support you need to succeed with inbound marketing from a HubSpot Partner Agency.

For example, we have developed several free resources for our clients based on inbound marketing. You can download the buyer’s journey template and use it to map out your entire buyer’s journey by simply filling the blanks.

We developed these resources to make inbound marketing easier for our clients. As a HubSpot Partner Agency, we breathe inbound marketing and ensure our clients do the same. 

An All-in-One Solution

HubSpot offers an all-in-one CRM solution that its partner agencies use. This includes:

  1. Marketing automation software
  2. Content management system (CMS)
  3. Customer services software
  4. Operations software
  5. Sales software

getting started with HubSpot pricing plan

It offers a complete CRM solution that a partner agency can help you with. An agency will onboard you to the HubSpot platform, assist you with getting started quickly, and do whatever it takes to finalize the setup process.

The agency will also develop buyer personas after identifying your primary target audience and define and create a complete buyer’s journey, content strategy, lead capturing and nurturing system, CMS solution, and sales support.

How do we do it?

All partner agencies are trained by HubSpot to use its platform. And all agencies use the HubSpot platform so they can better guide their clients.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Aligning marketing and sales is challenging for brands. Alignment is essential for success. However, it isn’t easy. It is estimated that misalignment between sales and marketing costs brands at least $1 trillion per year or 10 percent of revenue per year.

On the other hand, aligning both marketing and sales increases marketing revenue by 209 percent and leads to 36 percent higher customer retention. When as much as 90 percent of B2B sellers don’t use marketing content and 65 percent of marketing content is never used by marketing, you need to get serious about marketing-sales integration:

why sales and marketing alignment matters

HubSpot solves the problem of marketing and sales misalignment. It comes with a sales platform that is integrated with its CRM tool and helps you close more deals. It fully integrates and works with your marketing tool. All the leads generated by your marketing team will be automatically fed into the sales tool resulting in a high lead closing rate.

A HubSpot Partner Agency will set up everything for you, including sales and marketing integration. You can sit back and see leads converting into sales without an issue.


What to Expect from First Page as a HubSpot Partner Agency

As a HubSpot agency, we offer you a lot of services that you'll not find with other traditional inbound marketing agencies. Here is what you'll get from us:

  1. We will onboard you and help you switch to HubSpot CRM seamlessly. We will handle the transition and ensure your entire business and website are switched to HubSpot as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  2. We won’t just move your business to the HubSpot platform, we will create an inbound marketing strategy for your business, execute it by setting up marketing campaigns, and help you publish valuable content for your target audience.

  3. We will create your marketing funnel and customer journey, conduct content and SEO audits, and offer you several free templates and checklists to get started immediately.

  4. We will offer you support throughout the process. Whether it is migrating your website to HubSpot CMS or creating sales-marketing alignment, you'll have our guidance.


Are You Ready?

HubSpot is the best marketing platform out there and a partner agency will ensure you get the most out of it. In addition to automating several marketing tasks, you’ll save money by using one single platform and not having to worry about integrations.

A HubSpot Partner Agency will show you how to use the HubSpot platform, where to get started, and how to maximize its efficiency. It isn’t about tools, but about how you use marketing apps that makes all the difference. 

An expert agency like First Page will guide you how to use the HubSpot CRM and get on track quickly. Working with a HubSpot Partner Agency means you'll be served with a ready-to-use inbound marketing strategy, so you can execute quickly and efficiently. 

If you are skeptical and not sure if a HubSpot Partner Agency is the right choice for your business, get in touch. We will be happy to assist you and help you decide if we are a good fit for your brand.

Hubspot Marketing Automation Made Easy  Ready for an all-in-one agency partner without the expense of extra employees?  Work with us to create and manage your marketing automation strategy – with  Hubspot, we can help your brand grow with ease. Learn More

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