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Content Marketing Services

Better Content. Faster Growth. Our Content Marketing Experts Deliver.

There’s a pretty simple equation for growth marketing success. Content + SEO = WHOA, I didn’t know that kind of growth was possible! The right content, delivered at the right time to the right audience, drives results, such as increased organic traffic, SERP keyword rank, leads, and revenue. But content creation isn’t always easy when it requires knocking out creative, high-quality, fresh content that positions your brand as an industry leader. Especially when you’re busy juggling other high-priority items as a business leader. So, we’re here to help.

Content Marketing Strategy

For tech companies, a killer content strategy should be at the core of your growth marketing plan. Paid search is cool and definitely works to drive traffic and conversions quickly, but it can’t deliver the way content creation can — investing in the long-term wealth of your website, working when ads are shut off, building trust with potential buyers, and closing three times more leads.

At First Page Strategy, our content experts know that fresh, relevant, and unique content, optimized for search engines and aligned to your buyer’s search intent and purchasing journey, is the content that converts.

Our content strategy has been recognized 2x by the leading content marketing authority:

To build this strategy, we focus on the following:

Content Audit & Competitive Analysis

Content Audit & Competitive Analysis

We’ll conduct a full-scale, comprehensive content audit and competitive analysis to tell you where you are now and where you need to go to beat the competition.

Personas + Buyer’s Journey

Personas + Buyer’s Journey

Outline who your customer is, and determine for every stage of the marketing funnel what matters to them, pain points, search keywords + how this aligns to your product suite.

Customer Intent Paths + Customer Journeys

Customer Intent Paths + Customer Journeys

Define the different search intent paths coming to your website and how those intents interact with your brand from first touch to post-close.

Content Keywords Focused on Intent

Content Keywords Focused on Intent

Build out long-tail keywords so content creation happens with a focus on high intent to convert.

Blog Strategy + Pillar Pages

Blog Strategy + Pillar Pages

Create defining content strategy docs for how content will be created: publishing themes, content pillars, and pillar pages plan.

Content Calendars

Content Calendars

Put everything together in a quarterly calendar that maps out all of the above, per content piece, ensuring everything is aligning with your product offers.

Content Distribution

Content Distribution

Lay out a distribution plan once content is published to ensure increased eyeballs and engagement happen.

Growth Goals & KPIs

Growth Goals & KPIs

Define your content goals and KPIs and build a success dashboard around these, so every step of the progress is tracked for growth.

See Our Strategy in Action

Our Content Marketing Solutions

First Page Strategy can be your full-stack growth marketing team or an extension of your existing marketing team, owning specific services you need.

Here’s an example* of what our content marketing experts will do in each different growth stage:


Grow your qualified organic traffic through content

  • Launch quarterly content calendars focused on head/purchase intent/long-tail keywords for growth

  • Complete production of blogs per month (editing, images, SEO optimization, etc.)


Convert the traffic visiting your content

  • Create a list of CTAs mapped to funnels + content + product (HubSpot)

  • Place in-article and bottom CTAs on content for conversion

  • Conduct a website form and conversion analysis

  • Add website forms for subscriber + lead capture conversion


Maximize distribution to amplify traffic and conversion

  • Analyze multimedia and content rewrite opportunities

  • Layer on infographics, videos, and other multimedia to content creation

*Final growth plans and subsequent deliverables in each solution stage are dependent on what is discovered during your Growth Acceleration Plan.


Get a taste of what your growth acceleration plan will be...


Our Content Marketing Process

We’re your start-to-finish content creation agency. So while you’ll be involved every step of the way, you can also rest assured that we’ve got this. While the process is tailored to each of our client’s needs, here’s an idea of how it might work for your brand:

OnboardingOur teams collaborate with you to drill down to your core needs and goals, determine your buyers, and align them with the marketing funnel and your products.

Strategic Planning – This is where we develop a content strategy built around your brand, along with any other strategic planning, such as blogs, content distribution, etc.

Execution – We’ll design a workflow that is as hands-on (or hands-off) as you’d like, working with a team of experts to deliver the best quality content in line with your brand and strategy.


Distribution – From marketing automation to social media management, we’re ready to get your message out there. We’ll develop a plan for distributing your content to ensure it makes it to the right audience.


Analysis – The numbers don’t lie, and you can rest assured that we’ll offer full transparency along the way. We’re just as invested in your success as you are, so we’ll bring in our analytics experts to track your metrics and be sure your content is performing up to our (and your) expectations.

Why FPS as Your Content Agency?

We’re not a typical digital content agency. That’s because we aren’t one.

We’re not your average agency. We don’t spend your dollars on expensive account managers and administrative overhead. Our remote team of content marketing experts gets straight to the crux of the matter: developing top-of-the-line content that delivers measurable results. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen, and our clients back up these claims.

BTW, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. But maybe you’ll take the word of our clients, who’ve seen a 400 percent increase in organic channel traffic and a 300 percent lift in organic channel revenue.

We will dedicate one writer to become your brand’s Subject Matter Expert (SME)

We’ve heard from many brands that they’re worried about handing over internal product and industry expertise to an outside agency. So, we did something about it. At FPS, we find one high-quality SME writer who has written content for your industry, and we dedicate them to your account so they are trained to become your writer — and your writer only. We ditched the “many writers” approach for blogs and landing pages. We want our SME writer to grow with your brand and understand everything that an internal leadership team member or employee would.

We believe in inbound marketing, and you should, too.

And we believe you will, once you see how this methodology can be applied to your content strategy to achieve real growth. Inbound marketing uses content, SEO, email, social media, and other strategies to identify your buyer personas, reach them wherever they are in their buyer’s journey, and bring them to your website. At FPS, we help you develop these personas based on what you already know about existing customers, your industry, and market research. We analyze the needs of your personas based on where they are in the funnel: top of funnel (TOFU), middle of funnel (MOFU), or bottom of funnel (BOFU). And then we get to work, creating killer content that converts.

Our Service Tools and Partners

We subscribe to a variety of marketing tools that you can leverage when working with us:

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