First Page Content Platform Matrix

Managing content can be one of the biggest challenges, but it doesn't have to be with the help of a content management tool. We've created a Content Platform Matrix full of industry leading options to help you decide which would be best for your business.

Never heard of a Content Management Platform before? We've got you covered. Skim these 10 ways a Content Management Platform can simplify the content creation process:

10 features and benefits* to using a Content Management Platform:

  1. Content Storage: Store all your content in one easy to access place
  2. Content Planning: Make use of calendars and planners that help you see the big picture and collaborate with your team
  3. Production Workflow: Seamlessly work through all stages of content creation with your team
  4. White Labeling: Unqiue content created by the platform under your company or brand name
  5. Freelance Marketplace: Hire vetted freelance writers and editors within the platform itself
  6. Social Media Integration: Easily publish content to your social platforms once it's live on your website
  7. Analytics: Easily monitor how your content is performing
  8. SEO Auditing: See how content performs prior to publishing
  9. Content Library: Easily browse and find content relevant to your brand and audience
  10. Client Integration: Ability to add clients for seamless interaction and feedback

*Every platform will vary it's offerings and could include any or all of the above.

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