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Buyer's Journey template

Follow our SaaS and Tech specific buyer's journey template to build a content strategy that nurtures contacts from leads to customers with confidence.

Tech & SAAS companies: Map out your buyer’s journey

How can you expect to grow leads and ultimately revenue without a proper roadmap for understanding your potential customers?

You can't.

Your team needs to understand exactly which pieces of content, landing pages, forms and workflows apply to which customer, and when. We've adapted the "usual" buyer's journey you see to map your persona's search intent with the marketing funnel, and your products. But that's not all, we've also included a fourth marketing funnel stage — the "Growth" stage of your customers. This buyer's journey template includes areas to map:

  • Intent
  • Marketing funnel (tofu, mofu, bofu)
  • user behavior
  • Problems/research
  • Your brand personas
  • Your products
  • Content types
  • Keywords

You'll start with top of funnel (TOFU) by building trust and creating exploratory content and work through the final purchase decisions (BOFU stage) and value-driven up-selling in the Customer Growth stage.

Download our SaaS and Tech buyer's journey template, customized to fit your brand's unique products and workflow and kick-off your content marketing strategy and lead generation strategy the right way.