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Building your buyer's persona to achieve new growth

Your buyers are real people. How well do you know them? We’ll help you identify your target audience and make sure your marketing decisions help you connect with the human being behind the computer.

Let's get persona(l)

As a tech or SaaS brand, you work to create amazing products and services. But if you aren’t building them around an in-depth, detailed persona and designing them specifically to meet customer pain points, you might as well be throwing them into the void.

If your efforts are missing the mark, we’re here to clue you in. Your customers are living, breathing people with real problems and real needs. If you see them only as $$$, you’re not going to achieve the growth you want. That’s why drilling down to your core audience is one of the first things we do when you onboard with First Page Strategy. 

Think of it as data…with a heart. The more clearly you interpret existing customer data to build a detailed picture of the whole person you’re marketing to, the more likely your marketing and sales efforts will be aligned and, more importantly, effective in reaching those customers.

Think of your buyer persona as a high-res photograph; NOT a caricature. 

Whether you’re creating your very first buyer persona or working on your fifth iteration, your personas should include everything from demographics to psychographic and behavioral information, which can then be used to develop content that answers the persona's pain points. 

You may choose to hone in on one primary persona or create multiples for different services or market segments. However you approach it, just remember, personas aren’t meant to be static tools. People are, by nature, unpredictable beings. Their needs and wants change over time, and your personas should do the same, growing and evolving with your customer.