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What are your SaaS company's current growth marketing challenges and wins?

Lead Generation Services

Grow to 10K+ Qualified Leads (Fast), and Flip Them Into Customers & Cash with a Lead Generation Agency

Getting leads is one thing. Knowing what to do with them to turn them into conversions is a whole different game. Lucky for you, we’re ready to knock this one out of the park as your lead generation specialists. How does 10,000 leads in six months sound? Or 46,000 in one year? We’ve done it for our clients, and we can do it for you.

Lead Generation Marketing

In order to grow, your SaaS, fintech or startup brand doesn’t just need lead volume; it needs quality leads at volume. We use a complex content marketing strategy that has won two awards from the Content Marketing Institute to find your prospects by speaking their language to turn them into SQLs that close. In the finicky world of lead generation marketing, many variables make for an unwieldy and often overwhelming task to grow and close leads.

At First Page Strategy, our lead gen specialists are here to help your brand achieve measurable, sustainable growth. Here’s how we do it:

  • We spend time learning your customer, their pain points, where they go online, and what solutions they’re looking for.

  • We analyze the leads you’ve got to find out where they’re coming from, and why they convert (or why they don’t).

  • We create unique content and premium offers your leads want.

  • We design forms that work, asking just the right amount of questions in the right format.

  • Our workflows trigger automated email campaigns, removing the guesswork and taking multiple tasks off your plate.

  • We build landing pages that work, so when your leads arrive, their needs are satisfied.

  • Nurture campaigns are carefully planned to reach your leads when they most need to hear from you.

  • We launch and test ads to ensure the highest conversion at the lowest CPC.

  • We implement a lead scoring model that builds collaboration with your sales team to turn MQLs into SQLs, and then, into conversions.

  • Our goal is to optimize everything, so you’ll see increased conversion rates, more downloads and greater email opens.

Lead Generation Services from First Page Strategy

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Even if you plant the seeds, without the right elements in place, nothing is going to grow. Leads need to be nurtured to flourish, and that’s exactly what we offer at FPS, through email campaigns, SEO and social media.

Lead Gen Content

Lead Gen Content

Our lead gen experts work in close collaboration with our content team to create downloads and other assets that provide value and invite clicks, no matter where your leads enter the funnel.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Eliminate the hassle and let us build a strategy for automation that ensures your message always gets in front of the right audience at the right time. We build the forms and workflows that make the process flow seamlessly.

HubSpot Lead Generation

HubSpot Lead Generation

As a HubSpot partner agency, we have tons of lead gen tools at our disposal, including a landing page builder, lead tracker, and powerful automation that turns visitors into leads and leads into loyal customers. Read more about our specialized HubSpot solutions below.

Our HubSpot Lead Generation Solutions

FPS can be your full-stack growth marketing team or an extension of your existing marketing team, owning specific lead generation services you need.

Here’s an example* of what our lead generation specialist will do in each different growth stage:


Grow your qualified organic traffic through content

  • Leverage SEO and Content planning tools inside of HubSpot to build keyword lists, track keywords and topic clusters,and optimize your content as you type.

  • Create content inside of HubSpot using blog and landing page tools that integrate with your keywords and tracking of contacts to see what content works

  • Give your marketing team the power to build website content without a developer with easy-to-use, templated and widgeted landing page builders

  • Easily schedule social media promotion with a couple clicks of a button after content is created

  • Tie everything to a HubSpot campaign, and watch how social media posts, emails, content and other marketing activities all work to drive more business


Convert the traffic visiting your content

  • Create a list of CTAs mapped to funnels + content + product inside of HubSpot, easily place them with embed code; watch how many times they’re seen and clicked; and then track influenced revenue from the CTAs.

  • Place in-article and bottom CTAs on blog content to increase conversion

  • Add website forms for subscriber + lead capture conversion that use progressive profiling or customized fields to capture the information your business needs

  • Leverage contact data you gather from leads to personalize marketing with custom landing pages, content, emails and more.

  • Build a demand generation channel by creating gated content using HubSpot’s forms, landing pages, and workflows for an automated machines that churns leads into customers.

  • Get the full picture for every lead in a single, integrated database. Segment and nurture contacts based on any data you’ve collected, and automatically score leads for your sales team.


Maximize distribution to amplify traffic and conversion

  • Manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ads right inside HubSpot, and track which ads are turning prospects into customers.

  • Enhance the impact of your content through the power of video. Host and manage files right inside HubSpot, and easily embed them in social media, web pages, and blog posts.

  • Take advantage of HubSpot’s ABM tools to target the exact customers you want to win.

  • Think bigger and tie all of your marketing together with your customer service team, sales and operations using Service Hub, Sales Hub and Operations Hub.

*Final strategies & subsequent deliverables in each solution stage are dependent on what is discovered during your Growth Acceleration Plan.


Get a taste of what your Growth Acceleration Plan will be...


Our Lead Gen Marketing Process

First Page Strategy is a small, boutique lead generation agency that chooses a select amount of clients each year to integrate ourselves with, so we can be an extension of your business. Our lead gen marketing process is tailored to each of our client’s needs, here’s an idea of how it might work for your brand:

Onboarding – Our teams collaborate with you to drill down to your core demand gen needs and goals, understand current and past work, and where you see the future of your lead gen strategy going. We also determine your buyers, and align them with the marketing funnel and your product(s).


Strategic Planning – This is where we develop a lead generation strategy built with the backbone of SEO and content, so that your website and content is discovered by prospects and there is the infrastructure in place to close the leads.


Execution – We’ll design a workflow that is as hands-on (or hands-off) as you’d like, working with our team of marketing experts to deliver the best quality work in line with your business goals.


Distribution – From marketing automation to social media management, we’re ready to get your lead gen content out there. We’ll develop a plan for distributing your content, to ensure it makes it to the right audience.


Analysis – The numbers don’t lie, and you can rest assured that we’ll offer full transparency along the way. We’re just as invested in your success as you are, so we’ll bring in our analytics experts to track your metrics and be sure your content is performing up to our (and your) expectations.

Why First Page Strategy as Your Lead Gen Agency?

Why do you need a lead generation agency?

You don’t, at least not in the traditional sense. What your brand needs is a growth marketing firm that understands the needs of the teach, startup, SaaS and fintech industries, has a strong grasp on inbound marketing, and combined decades of experience in reaching leads strategically and turning them into conversions.

Casting a wide net may seem like the best strategy, but even with a large catch, you might end up throwing most of them back. Before you go fishing for leads, let us guide you to the right spot so you can reel in the keepers.

We’re not a typical digital content agency. That’s because we aren’t one.

We’re not your average agency. We don’t spend your dollars on expensive account managers and administrative overhead. Our remote team of content marketing experts gets straight to the crux of the matter: growing your pipeline of qualified leads that close into customers. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen, and our clients back up these claims.

BTW, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. But maybe you’ll take the word of our clients, who’ve we’ve gathered 10K leads for in six months, and 46K in a year.

What does a FPS lead generation specialist do for you?

Our experts are highly trained and experienced in building a lead generation strategy that gets the right message to the right leads to keep them moving through the funnel. Want to know how they do it?

  • They understand your buyer personas, their journey and intent paths, and how to find and capture them.

  • They have a good handle on content, so they can help create relevant, downloadable assets that get clicks.

  • They know when to gate content, and when to open it up to entice leads from the top of the funnel toward the middle and beyond.

  • They offer unbeatable value, saving you from the hassle and cost of hiring internally, while boosting your bottom line.

At FPS, we’re more than a lead gen agency; we’re a collective of remote, digital experts versed in the inbound marketing methodology. We can make sense of the complexity of lead generation and build a strategy that works for your brand.

We will dedicate one writer to become your brand’s Subject Matter Expert (SME)

We’ve heard from many brands that they’re worried about handing over internal product and industry expertise to an outside agency. So, we did something about it. At FPS, we find one high-quality SME writer who has written content for your industry, and we dedicate them to your account so they are trained to become your content writer, and your writer only. We ditched the “many writer” approach for blogs and landing pages. We want our SME writer to grow with your brand and understand everything that an internal leadership team member or employee would.

Our Service Tools and Partners

We subscribe to a variety of marketing tools that you can leverage when working with us: