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SEO for Growth

The Experts Guide to SEO and Climbing The Google Ranks

SEO, backlinks, and Google rankings can be a point of confusion for marketers just getting started. What good is amazing content if people can’t find it?

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Sep 30, 2018

SEO, backlinks, and google rankings can be a point of confusion for a lot of small businesses or digital marketers just getting started. But these marketing tools are often considered the backbone of any marketing strategy and an integral part of what we do at First Page. What good is amazing content if people can’t find it? This month’s roundup is highlighting the behind the scene tools necessary for your business to climb the ranks of search engines with the use of SEO, backlinks and more.


SEO 101

How to Learn SEO in 2018- In Record Time

You’ve heard of SEO and how it should be an integral part of digital marketing strategy, but do you feel like SEO is full of conflicting information and confusing terminology that leaves you with your hands in the air? We have good news— you’re not alone and there’s an expert who wants to help. In this guide, SEO expert, Brian Dean, debunks SEO and teaches SEO strategy in record time. Best of all, its for 2018, so no more outdated, conflicting information if you’re just getting started on your SEO journey.


Building Authority For Your Website with Backlinks

Backlinks and link building in 2018

There’s more to climbing the first page of Google than utilizing keywords. Have you heard of backlinks and links— in reference to a website ranking? Both equally important in the scope of your website, but have different benefits and each play a role in climbing the ranks. In this blog, we cover the history of link building, backlinks, land how to make them all work for you and your business.


Including SEO As Part of a Greater Content Strategy

6 Reasons You Need to Make SEO A Priority in Your Editorial Calendar

SEO and content marketing go together like milk and cookies — you can’t (or shouldn’t) have one without the other. SEO has a variety of benefits, and really great content naturally builds backlinks to your website as people start to link to your website. When used together, its a powerful combination that will have you moving up the first page in no time. Read this blog to learn how to seamlessly add SEO into your editorial calendar.


Data, Data, Data, and SEO

10 Fundamental SEO Metrics You Need to Study in 2018

Data, one of digital marketing’s best friends. One of the best ways to know whether or not your SEO strategy is working for you is using analytics. Often the issue with data is knowing what to track and what to, for a lack of better terms, ignore. In this article, Digital Marketing guru, Jeff Bullas, uncovers what should be measured and what can be left out.

Google Ranking Factors

17 Potential Ranking Factors You May Not Be Considering

Once you’ve started implementing SEO in your content marketing strategy, it's easy to want to dust off your hands and think the work is done. But wait, there's more! Google uses SEO to rank websites, but just as with any other website or platform, there are other factors that come into play— think mobile friendliness, heading tags, content depth and more. Check out this blog by Search Engine Journal for an exhaustive list of what to double check.

That’s all folks! For more content and the latest in digital marketing trends, follow FPS on LinkedIn.


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