First Page is a global marketing collective founded by Jeanna Barrett. We are not your traditional marketing agency.

First Page is a collection of remote experts focused on data-driven growth marketing for tech & SaaS companies looking to increase online revenue (without expensive PPC ads!). First Page is also a preferred HubSpot Agency Partner and was named one of Inc 5,000 Regionals fastest growing companies in California. We believe in building a virtual team of talented marketing experts to provide our clients with the highest quality work, while at the same time providing our team with the freedom of a remote #workfromanywhere lifestyle. 

Welcome to the coolest fully remote job where you get to be a BIG contributor in a growing business, passionate about remote work, adventure, and work/life balance! We are a small team positioned to make it big, so this is your chance to get involved in a very fun growth stage and mold who we become as remote marketing leaders. As we grow, our team members' success and happiness is a HUGE part of what we focus on. We want everyone to live the life they thrive in — and that doesn’t include sitting in an office for 8-10 hours a day and commuting. What’s your BEST, thriving lifestyle? You can do this, and the marketing work you love at First Page as we redefine what the work week and work day looks like. Before going any further, make sure you read our Remote Jobs page to fully understand our culture. 


As the Head of Client Marketing Strategy, you’re not only responsible for leading the marketing teams that do client work, but defining what our SOP for Client Delivery is for our agency; build structure and processes around our client delivery; and build out a client account management team (of marketing strategists) as we grow. This is a fun opportunity that is 2 parts marketing strategy, 1 part leadership and 1 part defining and building a new department in the agency.

This is a "full-time role" at First Page. Because we do not believe in 9-5, 5 days a week, our remote working model at First Page that is 32 hours a week with benefits, with ability to work your own hours with the 10-2pm CT hour commitment to client/agency calls and responses, including the ability to flex your work hours throughout the day and week.

As a marketing leader with an extensive background in marketing management and leadership roles, you will own the marketing strategies for our clients — taking over from our founder who does it today. This role will be a true partner to Jeanna and the leadership team — taking over client marketing team management today (of our ~25-member team of quality 1099 marketing consultants across every channel) and in the future as we take on more clients and expand our business. We need a kick-ass rock star who is whip smart on all-things online marketing (SEO/Content/Inbound focused) and has worked in data-driven growth marketing for 15+ years, preferably for tech and startup brands or marketing agencies working with tech/startup brands. 

This role requires someone who is a perfectionist who is absolutely sublime at process and juggling many things — with extreme attention to detail so that everything our clients touch with our brand name has a gold star. You must excel at the minimum of scheduling client meetings to the maximum of nailing client marketing strategy presentations and proving results through marketing dashboards. You are expected to understand the 1,000-foot view of all client goals and marketing channels, and guide the team to produce the highest quality work and crush marketing ROI. You will be responsible for the client sales/marketing budget(s), KPIs, and results of these KPIs. The main goal will be to produce revenue-generating results for our clients and get clients to renew their contract (which will be a bonus incentive for you). 



  • Be a true expert in online marketing and how acquisition marketing (bottom of the funnel, PPC/display) and inbound marketing (top/middle with SEO/content/lead generation) work together with brand and customer marketing to complete a customer journey from step 1 to 100. Know when to add, turn on, or change marketing levers for growth. And pair this with experience using the entire HubSpot product suite and the inbound methodology.

  • Manage a team of 1099 marketers (and FTE, as we grow this year and beyond) that includes a team of Experts, Pros & Specialists in branding, social media, email, lead generation, SEO, content, analytics and HubSpot.

  • Build yearly/bi-yearly marketing strategy decks and report monthly/quarterly on marketing analytics and KPIs. Set goals and deliverables for every client, track those goals/deliverables with your team, course correct when needed, crack the whip when needed, fix underperformance when needed, recruit new team members when needed. Live a data-driven mindset — track funnel/channel performance, build KPIs for clients and teams, maintain KPI dashboards visible to the business and clients, dive into analytics to understand how things are performing — what we need to add as a tracking layer to get deeper analysis of performance and stories to tell, report on analytics to customers and founder and understand how marketing initiatives are impacting revenue growth.

  • This role is only suitable for someone who has been a Director or higher in marketing, built marketing budgets and managed large/complex marketing teams, in addition to worked extensively inside of HubSpot.


  • Act as the voice of the client inside the company and voice of the company inside the client. You should understand the client well enough to say, “this is the big strategic thing they’re after” and First Page enough to say, “this is how we’ll deliver the big strategic thing you’re after.” Get information regularly directly from the client, what’s changing, what’s the business direction, competitor pressure, conduit between First Page and the client inside of First Page.

  • Shape "Client Service Delivery" for First Page as an agency by building the systems and processes that create happy clients and lead them down the path of success. This includes:

    • Building out a client delivery document that identifies our client touchstones and processes for presentations, meetings, reporting dashboards, etc.

    • Defining what client success is and how we measure/track it

    • Creating client satisfaction survey(s) and process for surveying clients
  • Own Client Success accountability — manage the daily/monthly client relationship, client happiness, and any damage control, when needed. The happiness and success of clients begins and ends with you.

  • Think big and bring new, exciting marketing ideas to the plate and not just “stick to the status quo” of what the contract promised. We don’t want to squelch a culture of all team members bringing their best and brightest ideas to the table, however whacky they might be, just because we signed a contract for X.

  • Have an eagle eye for detail and high threshold of quality — and continuously drive forward First Page’s results and output with this mindset.

  • Assist with new proposals/pitches for agency growth (marketing strategy developed within the proposal).
    Uphold First Page’s culture, mission/vision/values on a daily basis as a business leader with high internal visibility


  • 15+ years of sales and marketing experience.

  • 10+ years of experience in the startup/tech/SaaS/fintech industries and with SEO/content/inbound.

  • Prior management of marketing teams and budgets in a performance-based environment.

  • Proven accountability for revenue growth and associated KPIs.

  • Experience in B2C and B2B markets, tech/startup and/or agency experience required.

  • Strong, data-driven problem resolution skills, including the ability to identify and define problems, collect data, analyze data, build spreadsheets, manipulate data to show trends/results, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions on paths to improvement.

  • Epic writing, editing, and communication skills

  • High attention to detail and dedication to accuracy / quality

  • Technology savvy with ability to learn quickly and juggle tasks in Asana/ClickUp, switch to mobile, get Zoom working right for you, optimize your Slack and all tools

  • A flexible attitude at a small, growing team as team and responsibilities internally shift

  • A willingness to be part of a fully remote team and care about who you work with on the other side of the computer — participation in team building video calls/events, Slack conversations, etc.

  • Must be available between the 10am-2pm CT hours (Slack or email for questions, but don’t have to be “at your desk” during those hours, necessarily)

*Salary will be paid associated with experience & open to negotiation with the range being $100-$130K annually



We will not evaluate applications that do not have a video included in the application/outreach. Before you send an email, please take the time to really review this job description and answer the following three questions:

  1. How has your experience set you up to make you the perfect person for the role?
  2. Tell us about a brand that you led marketing/sales for that demonstrates our requirements listed above: what were the results?
  3. What will you contribute to our small boutique agency of ~25 remote marketers?





“Working for First Page as a digital marketer is such a rush — I get to work with innovative technology clients and a group of bad-ass marketers across the globe. Best of all, we’re not new to the remote work life. We were built this way — every day I’m learning new skills and collaborating with super smart marketers from all corners of the world who help me grow. There’s truly never a dull work day.”

— Kevin Dean
First Page Full Stack Digital Marketing Expert


When you join First Page as a full-time employee, we offer a competitive benefit package for you. First and foremost, we are reimagining what it means to be “full time,” and don’t believe in the outdated 40-hour, 5-day work week. We believe in more of a 32-hour work week, and how you work those are up to you. Work in the early mornings or the way late night — work during a “work week” Monday through Friday, or your weekends if you prefer it more quiet. Work from a house with a cat and mouse, work from a box with a fox, work here, work there and #workfromanywhere.

We're building out our benefit package now (as a young company) and are planning to provide the standard benefit package as a base:

  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Medical, dental, vision / health **reimbursement** monthly

  • FINANCIAL BENEFITS: 401K match, 3-5% based on achievement of company revenue goals
  • VACATION BENEFITS: Unmanaged vacation and personal days
  • TECHNOLOGY BENEFITS: New MacBook air with post-employment purchase options + $150 monthly cell phone/internet compensation





#workfromanywhere life — work wherever makes you happy, and share your travels with us on Slack. You have the freedom to live the life you want, outside of an office, when at First Page.



Freedom to not feel micromanaged, get your work done, let your expertise shine, give your expert opinion and improve our processes and work.



We are not slogging away in an office all day, so we’re all a bit more relaxed and this shows through our daily attitudes. No passive-aggressive emails here.



We pay the compensation that you deserve that allows you to step away from a corporate paycheck with the funds needed for healthcare, savings and more.




We believe strongly in a great WFH life, so you’ll get yearly stipend for your subscription to Spotify so you can crank tunes while working. Bonus points if you create a playlist for First Page team members to enjoy.  




It’s important to have a comfortable, ergonomic home office. Once a year, we’ll send you $300 to upgrade your home office: standing desk or new tech! [ LEADERSHIP TEAM - HEAD & ABOVE]




If you refer employees to us that we hire to work more than 30 hours a month, we’ll send you a $500 Airbnb gift card for your next travel adventure — on us.




Every quarter, we pick a business book to read as a group, send the book to you, and then meet via video call to have an informal, fun discussion.




Once you’ve officially joined the First Page team, we’ll send you a comfy T-shirt to wear with underwear at your computer (just keep your Zoom camera off if you stand up, please).




Stick around for a year, and you’ll receive a special gift in the mail from Wanderers Travel Co. as an appreciation for your all your hard work.




We’re always thinking about ways to make our (remote) culture stand out, and some of the ways we do that is with virtual events (wine tasting) or in-person events (COVID-permitting).




Once a FP teammate, you will have the opportunity to grow with us and come on as a FTE with our reimagined 32-hour work week + competitive pay.




First Page’s essential intent is to 3-5X our client’s marketing revenue and ROI. 


To be a place where people can get a job to live their best remote lifestyle and a visionary leader for remote work companies.


We are not your traditional marketing agency. First Page is a collective of marketing experts focused on data-driven growth marketing for tech & SaaS companies looking to increase online traffic, leads and revenue. We’re a completely remote inbound marketing team — for the fraction of the cost it would hire for our clients to hire us all in-house.

We use a variety of tools at First Page that you need to be comfortable with using: 

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