25 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Remote Team

holiday gifts wrapped and topped with bows

As the holiday season approaches, the excitement and perhaps relief around closing out another year can also feel a bit overwhelming. With our endless to-do lists looking like overstuffed stockings, the idea of finding the perfect gifts for remote employees doesn’t have to be a chore.

As a fully remote growth marketing agency from the beginning, we’re OG remoters and we feel confident you'll find some great gift ideas here. You’ll find no fidget spinners or lame gifts in our hand-picked list. Just some practical and enjoyable gifts, some of which we may or may not have purchased for ourselves already (ahem, guilty).




1. Adjustable Height Standing Desk Converter (Tabletop)

There are all kinds of standing desk solutions out there — not only is this one inexpensive by comparison, but it's also sturdy, well designed, and has a nice aesthetic. The heavy-duty mnemonic spring makes for a smooth and easy raising or lowering for the perfect height. And I can say from personal experience (aka an early holiday gift to myself) that it really transforms the home office feel, especially if, like me, you don’t have a dedicated space.


#1 adjustable eight desk


2. Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

As a companion for your new adjustable height desk or if you’re already standing (good on you), this anti-fatigue mat is amazing. Again, from personal experience, the first day I used it, I stood throughout my entire workday and never felt the need to sit. I thought it might take a while to transition to standing for long periods of time, but it immediately felt natural, and honestly, I have felt more energized throughout the day.


3. Noise-Canceling Headphones

I’m sorry, what’s that you said? I couldn’t hear you cause I was rocking out to that Mariah Carey classic (you know the one) on my sweet noise-canceling headphones. Whether you want to get in the zone with some ambient spa music, drown out the din of a noisy coffee shop, listen to a podcast (I’m in awe of those who can do this while working), or dance around to some K-pop, noise-canceling is always a plus. And, of course, they pair well when traveling via planes, trains, and automobiles.




4. High-Quality Webcam

If you find yourself on frequent Zoom calls (we try to keep ours to a minimum), having an external camera can up the professionalism and quality. Don’t worry — you can still wear your pajama bottoms. Coming in at $100, this webcam is really built for streaming, which means you get the added benefit of a crisp 1080p picture, high frame rate, auto-focus, and auto-light correction. There’s nothing like a choppy, poorly lit video call to put a damper on the meeting. 


5. Live Plants

Bring on the foliage as a great gift for remote employees. There’s a reason we often find ourselves drawing a deep breath and letting out a pleasant sigh when stepping into nature. Bringing the outdoors into your work-from-home setup is a great way to liven up the space, improve the air quality, and help bring our nervous system into balance by reducing stress.




The Sill offers everything from plants great for gifting (easily shipping across the country) to pet-friendly and easy "beginner" plants. If you’re just starting out, they even offer a monthly subscription to help you create that perfect indoor oasis. 


6. Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Easel

If you like jotting down quick notes, to-do lists, or doodling while on calls, whiteboards are a great option and they reduce paper while keeping your workspace clutter-free. This one from Quartet feels like a higher-end version since it’s made with frosted glass and sits at a slight incline or can stand up with the built-in easel. I just picked up one for myself since most dry erase boards I’ve used always seem to stain over time. This wipes completely clean with no "ghosting" as the whiteboard experts call it. 


#6 glass whiteboard


7. Sweep and Swipe Laptop Cleaner

This might not be the coolest gift idea per se, but we think keeping your keyboard crumb-free and your screen sans smudges is way cool (and it’s only $10.99).


8. “On Air” or “On the Phone” Light-Up Signs

Looking for a unique way to protect you and your employees' home offices from those unessential interruptions? Check out these fancy light-up signs to get the message across. Spouses, roommates, kids, and pets — enter at your own risk. Bonus points for being made by a small business on Etsy.  


9. Heated Coffee Mug

Wouldn’t it be nice to sip on your coffee or tea at just the right temperature no matter how long it’s been sitting out (hopefully the same day, but hey, to each their own)? Meet the Ember mug. Controlled with an app, just set a temperature for your beverage of choice and sip away. Its built-in battery can last between 80-90 minutes or just place it on the charging coaster and it’ll keep your beverage warm all day. 


10. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Whether you want to drink more water throughout the day, find an eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles, or hit the trails, you can’t go wrong with having a Hydro Flask water bottle around. It keeps cold drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks stay piping hot for 12 hours due to the double-walled vacuum insulation (which also keeps the exterior from getting too hot or cold). 


11. Weighted Blanket

When the weight of the world is upon you but it's only Wednesday, slip under this weighted blanket and feel it all melt away. Whether you’re catching an afternoon nap or settling in for a good night's sleep, the Luna blanket helps to release serotonin (the happy hormone) while reducing cortisol (the stress hormone).


12. Desk Chair

Big words like ergonomics aside, what you sit in for 8 hours or more can have a major impact on your joints, blood circulation, productivity, and more. This one by FlexFit helps you and your remote employees maintain good posture with integrated lumbar support and keep the air flowing with a mesh backing. 


13. Mini Hammock for Your Feet

Putting your feet up is an expression we often associate with relaxing or being on vacation, but why not treat your feet to a daily vacation from the comfort of your remote office? 


14. Memory Foam Foot Rest

If hammocks aren’t your thing, here’s another great option for promoting better circulation and reducing pressure points on your feet while you’re working. 


15. Philips Hue Lights

It’s no secret that lighting can truly set the mood. With the Philips Hue LED products, everything is conveniently controlled through your smartphone app where you can create custom color palettes, use built-in mood settings, set timers, and dial in the perfect ambiance for your space.  


16. Light Therapy Lamp



Lumos Maxima! Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or perhaps now rolling your eyes, we can all agree that as much of the world enters the colder, darker months of winter, many of us feel the negative effects of less sunlight. This tablet-sized LED light is designed to recreate the positive benefits of sunlight through 10,000 lux. Perfect for travel, your bedside table, or work area, bright light therapy is shown to improve sleep quality, elevate mood, and increase focus and energy. 


17. Wanderers Travel Co.

We are big fans here at First Page. In fact, our founder, Jeanna Barrett, gifts everyone an item from Wanderers Travel Co. on their one-year work anniversary. From dopp kits to wallets, purses, and passport holders, take a look at their incredible selection. Plus, you get a free card wallet with every order.


18. Under Eye Masks

Didn't quite get your beauty rest the night before? We’ve all had those days when the Zoom video preview pops up and staring back at us is a raccoon, so to speak. Whether the kids, noisy neighbors, the trash truck, or a hooting owl are to blame, pop a couple of these under the eye masks to rehydrate the skin, brighten dark circles, and reduce puffiness under the eyes.


19. Virtual Team Building and Online Office Games

Before you write this one off, think office Olympics, fast-paced trivia, online scavenger hunts, or a communication challenge game called “Can You Hear Me Now”? Turn up the friendly rivalry and create some laughable moments. Also check out their endless other activities, such as solving a murder mystery, guided meditations, a typing speed race, and many more.


20. Gift Box for Dogs

You better believe we have a #dogs channel on our team Slack. How about gifting your colleague or employees a BarkBox for their furry friend — curated with treats and toys your dog will be sure to wuv. 


21. Gift Box for Cats

Don’t worry — we see you cat folks, too. Meowbox curates their boxes with fun cat toys and healthy snacks so your purring companion will stop biting your ankles during team calls (just me?).


22. Luxurious Luggage

“Trust us — all they want is travel”: so say the copywriters for Away’s luggage website and we’d have to agree. From roller bags to carry-ons and backpacks, browse their travel collection and see the appeal for yourself. 


23. MasterClass

Give the gift of learning and treat your team to a subscription with MasterClass. The great news is there is something for everyone, from cooking classes with Gordon Ramsay to scientific thinking skills with Neil deGrasse Tyson or wilderness survival with Jessie Krebs. 


24. Blue Light Glasses

There’s nothing worse than the eye fatigue that can come from too much screen time. Thankfully blue light glasses have become a popular solution and if you already wear prescription glasses, they can often be included. Check out these stylish glasses from Warby Parker and your eyeballs will surely thank you.  


25. Good 'ol Classic Gift Card

Need we say more? Obviously, you can play it 100 percent safe and just send out a money gift card, but there is also the opportunity to show your team you know them as a person. Find out their interests and surprise them with a gift card to their favorite spa, movie theater, restaurant — you name it. 

Phew, that’s a wrap. We hope you found this list to be helpful in inspiring some ideas to show your team how much they’re appreciated. Happy shopping. 


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