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An Epic List of Companies That Are Hiring Remotely

Remote work options are expanding at a rapid rate, giving you and your career unprecedented flexibility and opportunity. Here are some companies hiring.

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Jeanna Barrett
Jeanna Barrett

Apr 29, 2020

Whether you want to build a new app from the comfort of your favorite coffee shop, or send the US back to the moon while wearing your PJs (not even joking), remote work options are expanding at a rapid rate, giving you and your career unprecedented flexibility and opportunity. As you know, at First Page, we value remote work in all its forms – from working-from-home to working-from-the-other-side-of-the-world. And we’re not alone: a recent study shows that remote employment leads to greater productivity, more fulfilled employees and economic gains from personal to corporate to governmental.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the companies that hire totally remote positions, provide WFH opportunities, or support flexible working arrangements. And trust us – It. Is. Epic. We’ve corralled these companies by industry, but keep in mind that many offer positions in a variety of roles – so even though you haven’t slung burgers since high school, you might just find your dream remote job at Wendy’s (no, really). Without further ado, here are your opportunities to be remotely satisfied:

Companies Hiring Remote and Work-From-Home Positions 


Rosetta Stone

Headquartered in: Arlington, VA

What They’re About: Leading language learning program, dedicated to changing lives through the power of language and literacy.

Remote Roles: language-specific content editors, product support specialists

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8

What Workers Say: “Flexible work arrangements that allow work-life balance.”

EF Education First

Headquartered in: Cambridge, MA

What They’re About: Language training provider committed to “opening the world through education.”

Remote Roles: online ESL instructors, freelance course leaders, content writers

Glassdoor Rating: 3.4

What Workers Say: “People are always willing to drop things to help (even across time zones) and that type of spirit is contagious; it makes you want to go above and beyond. “


Headquartered in: San Francisco, CA

What They’re About: Live one-on-one learning platform pairing Chinese students with English-speaking teachers; named one of Glassdoor’s Top 10 Best Places to Work.

Remote Roles: work-from-home teachers in part-time, full-time or weekend capacities

Glassdoor Rating: 4.3

What Workers Say: “Easy to do from home. No commute, no child care, no savvy business clothes, no commuting in the snow, and the best part is every day is ‘bring your cat to work day!’”


Headquartered in: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

What They’re About: Online and on-campus educators providing test prep and career training that leads to success stories.

Remote Roles: online teaching assistants, content creators, state representatives, development engineers, enrollment specialists

Glassdoor Rating: 3.3

What Workers Say: “I was able to tailor my involvement and obligations around my schedule.”

Customer Service

American Express

Headquartered in: New York, NY

What They’re About: Heritage company providing payment, travel and expense management to both individuals and businesses.

Remote Roles: customer service representatives, collections specialists, risk analysts

Glassdoor Rating: 4.1

What Workers Say: “great work life balance if you have the right leadership, flexibility to work at home.”



Headquartered in: Round Rock, TX

What They’re About: Family of businesses featuring a range of digital and tech products and services, believing that, “technology is essential to driving human progress.”

Remote Roles: inside sales, technical support staff

Glassdoor Rating: 4.1

What Workers Say: “Great global team, well-employee benefits, great culture code, work and life balance.”


Headquartered in: Sydney, Australia

What They’re About: Builder and innovator of artificial intelligence systems in 130 countries.

Remote Roles: search engine evaluators, translators, language-based search engine consultants

Glassdoor Rating: 3.5

What Workers Say: “Flexible work hours. Literally work when you feel like - as long as you meet the amount of weekly hours you're required to commit.”


Headquartered in: Cupertino, CA

What They’re About: Makers of smart devices and content platforms, they are the brand leaders of the tech industry, committed to leaving the world a better place than they found it.

Remote Roles: marketing, human resources, sales and finance staff

Glassdoor Rating: 4.1

What Workers Say: “Ability to work from home is a plus. Access to education opportunities for Apple products is great. There's constant contact and communication with your manager. The discounts were great also.”


Headquartered in: Redmond, WA

What They’re About: Tech leader focused on innovation, working to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

Remote Roles: business administrators, program managers, technical advisors

Glassdoor Rating: 4.3

What Workers Say: “Microsoft has a great, inclusive culture and the company is focused on solving some exciting and important challenges.”


Headquartered in: Mountain View, CA

What They’re About: Tech leader that prides itself on its “small business” feel, allows employees in nearly all regions to take advantage of work-from-home opportunities

Remote Roles: software engineer, sales accountant, product manager

Glassdoor Rating: 4.4

What Workers Say: “You can't find a more well-regarded company that actually deserves the hype it gets.”


Headquartered in: San Diego, CA

What They’re About: Analytics leader that believes in the power of data to change the world.

Remote Roles: software engineer, test engineer, cloud services

Glassdoor Rating: 3.6

What Workers Say: “Great work-life balance, great pay, flexible working hours, culture is very mindful of flexibility.”


Headquartered in: San Antonio, TX

What They’re About: Cloud-based IT leader specializing in digital solutions and accessibility to all leading technologies.

Remote Roles: product engineer, cloud architect, client executive

Glassdoor Rating: 3.4

What Workers Say: “It was a great company with limitless opportunity for individual contributors and managers alike. Fast-paced with lots of change every time you turn around.”


UnitedHealth Group

Headquartered in: Minnetonka, MN

What They’re About: Industry leader in improving health systems and creating better access to care.

Remote Roles: sales operations, healthcare claims auditor, care coordinator

Glassdoor Rating: 3.4

What Workers Say: “VERY progressive with WFH! I can work from wherever I want. if I want to WFH one day, I can. If I want to WFH the whole week, I can do that, too.”


Headquartered in: Hartford, CT

What They’re About: Top-level insurer working to re-shape healthcare across the country and globally.

Remote Roles: case specialist, appeals analyst, data scientist

Glassdoor Rating: 3.3

What Workers Say: “Work/life balance most of the year is very good besides during the busiest time of the year. Work from home can really help with this because I'm not super close to my office. My team is filled with hard workers. My manager and director are super supportive of my aspirations and give me new challenges when they arise.”


Headquartered in: Louisville, KY

What They’re About: Leading healthcare company providing a range of insurance products with an “integrated approach to life-long well-being.” 

Remote Roles: consumer engagement representative, physician recruiter, sales representative

Glassdoor Rating: 3.5

What Workers Say: “Great work environment. Enjoy the luxury to work from home. A supportive staff and coworkers make it all so easy to wake up and work at my job.”


Headquartered in: Basel, Switzerland

What They’re About: Pharmaceutical company pioneering breakthrough treatments and innovations in medication delivery.

Remote Roles: data scientist, health information technology, software engineer

Glassdoor Rating: 3.9

What Workers Say: “The culture at Novartis is inspired, ‘unbossed’, and curious. From the top down, everyone believes in how Novartis is a leader in science and society.”


US Dept. of Transportation

Headquartered in: Washington, DC

What They’re About: Government agency developing transportation regulations that keep streets, drivers and workers safe.

Remote Roles: program analyst, human resources specialist

Glassdoor Rating: 3.7

What Workers Say: “I was given a lot of respect and freedom to manage my own schedule and deadlines and my work was valued. Telework options are nice and flexibility of hours is perfect for raising kids.”

US Census Bureau

Headquartered in: Suitland, MD 

What They’re About: Recording agency that collects data about U.S. citizens… because people count.

Remote Roles: partnership specialist, recruitment assistant

Glassdoor Rating: 3.6

What Workers Say: “Flexible schedule, great pay, fun work.”


Headquartered in: Washington, DC

What They’re About: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a federal agency researching new flight technologies and space and aeronautical science.

Remote Roles: resources analyst, program specialist

Glassdoor Rating: 4.4

What Workers Say: “Opportunity to work with some very smart people on important problems in space exploration, aeronautics, and earth science.”



Headquartered in: San Francisco, CA

What They’re About: The world’s #1 CRM tool empowers companies and consumers to connect in an impactful and meaningful way.

Remote Roles: solution engineer, technical writer, success architect

Glassdoor Rating: 4.3

What Workers Say: “There are a large number of remote workers, especially in fields sales and pre-sales engineering. The culture is very supportive of remote workers as long as you get the job done.”


Headquartered in: New York, NY

What They’re About: Leading market researcher providing up-to-the-minute analytics and market data for 90 years.

Remote Roles: client manager, financial analyst, software engineer

Glassdoor Rating: 3.6

What Workers Say: “Nielsen was probably one of the first to recognize that working from home saves big $ and rewards employees.”

Other Remote Work Opportunities

From travel to retail and more, companies are exploring non-traditional ways to grow their employee base from sea-to-shining-sea… and beyond. If you didn’t find what you were looking for above, check out some of these companies.

If You Post It, They Will Come

The job search is a grind, but there are ways to make it easier. Instead of spending your time slogging through job sites, why not post your resume or portfolio and let potential employers come to you? Here are a handful of sites for freelancers, consultants and independent contractors.

  • Freelancer matches you to the jobs that suit your skills, talents and interests.

  • Dice is a techie’s dream, with career matching and insights that bring clients straight to you.

  • Guru is a place for freelancers of all sorts to find work and connect with employers through an extensive directory. You can even get paid directly through Guru, making it an all-in-one solution.

  • Fiverr is a great place to sell yourself to companies looking for gig-based freelance work.

  • Upwork is a great space to find freelance jobs, with listings sorted by every industry and role.


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Jeanna Barrett

Jeanna is the Founder & Chief Remote Officer for First Page Strategy, an award-winning, fully distributed marketing agency. Jeanna has a combined 17 years of inbound marketing experience at venture-backed startups, digital agencies and Fortune 500 companies, with an expertise focus on business and tech. She's been named 'Top 40 Under 40' of brand marketers and 'Best in the West' for financial technology marketing. In 2016, Jeanna left the U.S. to lay roots and build her business in Belize, and in 2021 First Page was named #43 in fastest growing private companies of Inc. 5,00 Regionals: California.

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