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Remote Work Lifestyle

How Quarantine Changed Our Team's #RemoteWork Lifestyle

The First Page team has worked remotely for many years. But, even though we're used to the #WFH lifestyle, the coronavirus is still challenging our usual remote work routines. Here's how it's changed and what we're doing about it.

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Jeanna Barrett
Jeanna Barrett

Mar 19, 2020

Because of the coronavirus, many companies and employees across the globe have suddenly become “work from home” teams due to quarantine and office shutdowns. At First Page, we’ve always been a team of remote marketers and most of us have already been working remotely for many years. So, it’s been entertaining to track the conversations of people working from home for the first time, and their “survival tips.” We’re especially loving the memes pertaining to our usual #WFH life:

Just because our team is used to working from home, doesn’t mean that our “work from home” life hasn’t been affected drastically. Most of us are usually able to choose where we “work remote” from, whether that’s a coffee shop, coworking space or another country. And we don’t usually have the added stress of a global pandemic interrupting our thoughts (or our other family members in our space). The First Page team shared recently on Slack how all of us are shifting and adapting our remote work lifestyle and the things we’re currently struggling with. If you’re a usual digital nomad or remote worker, we also have four tips for you on how to manage this changing remote work environment:


#1 Create a (New) Routine & Space That Keeps You Busy, Grounded and Zen

Jeanna, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

I’ve tried to create a routine that creates a structure to my day and keeps me grounded and sane by connecting with the outdoors and my friends/family. This includes:

  • Getting up and walking my dog first thing in the morning (staying 6-feet away from other walkers) and then again in the evening

  • Taking a lunch/phone break with friends outside on the patio

  • Making my workspace even MORE zen with candle, plants + Ember mug midday hot tea

  • An evening happy hour Skype(s) with family/friends.


Ashley Edwards, Social Media Expert

I try to get out and get some fresh air with my dog. I definitely make sure to take a lunch break...away from the desk. Maybe catch up on a show or two I watch regularly. Music and candles are pretty critical for me when I'm working from home. Sheesh — I sound like I'm on a date with myself. And also plenty of sunlight. I also make it a point to pop into Twitter chats or Facebook Groups and catch up on all the latest Social Media/Digital info I can.


Rachel Joy, Editing Expert

I’ve been taking a lot more walks with my dog, FaceTiming friends and family whether they’re in the same city as me or far away, taking advantage of grocery delivery, and cooking a lot more meals than I ever used to!


Kevin Dean, Digital Marketing Manager

WFH is all I know, so not much different, other than not being able to split my time between coffee shops, etc. I've been trying to stick to my morning routines (meditation, journaling, etc) and daily schedule, plus get outside for exercise. Outside of marketing work, I work in music so I've been trying to finish some new music for a project I'm working on. I might even do an IG livestream this weekend. (Follow @thebornlove to catch Kevin’s band and livestreams).

For me, the biggest difference is my kids being at home while I’m working. That means adapting my work routine around their schoolwork. — Clark Frye, Marketing Data Expert

#2 Learn How to Shuffle Your Work Around Your New WFH Office Mates: Spouses and Kids (Now) Being Home Too

Katie Lau, Project Expert

While a ton hasn't changed in my WFH life, I am getting used to my new coworker (my husband) who has invaded my office space. ;) While it is an adjustment, it is nice to have someone to go on walks with and take a bit of a mental break with throughout the day. I have been focusing my free time on staying busy with house improvement tasks, craft projects and painting as well as trying to stay as active as possible.


Deepshikha Dhankhar, Content Expert

Actually, a lot hasn't changed for me in terms of WFH since I've been doing it for three years now. However, I find myself re-iterating to my partner — "I started working from home first, so I get the living room!" or "I was here first, so I am going speak loudly on my calls." Haha, it's been fun though, given that we also get more time with each other even if it means just being in the same room but not necessarily talking to each other all the time. I also try to get back to painting or meditations which I had been missing for a while and probably be more in the sun since very conveniently, the sun's been out every single day as opposed to pre-quarantine when it'll constantly keep raining!


Sophie Herbst, Social Advertising Expert

The biggest difference is that now I have the presence of other remote workers around me, which is kind of nice! They are Amazon & Zillow, so now we have three techies trying to not get in the way of each other’s conference calls. Yesterday we played a board game called “pandemic”… it was… very meta.

(Sophie also works for Alo Moves, an online yoga community, and has shared a YouTube playlist of free yoga videos with our team!)


Clark Frye, Marketing Data Expert

For me, the biggest difference is my kids being at home while I’m working. That means adapting my work routine around their schoolwork. Fortunately, their school gives them daily work plans so my role is just for support but there are LOTS of other kids who’s parents are suddenly thrust into the role of teacher AND curriculum producer.


Tiffany, Social Manager

I feel like my work life hasn't changed a whole lot except not being able to work out in public or co-work with friends. My husband is home now too so yeah trying to navigate who is working where and who needs a break is something new, but good to be able to take a break together and walk the neighborhood. I am also trying to get dressed and ready for the day more and not just be in my PJs. It helps me to be more productive.

Working from home isn’t anything new for me, but it is challenging to not be able to run over to a coffee shop or have lunch with friends when I need some human interaction. — Haley Kuel, SEO Expert

#3 Channel Cooped-Up Energy in the Evenings into New Hobbies Away From the Computer & Reset Your Day with a Relaxation Routine

Alessandra Souers, Email Expert

Because I’ve been pretty settled into working from my home office, my workdays haven’t looked too different — but because I’m not able to enjoy evenings with friends and family I’ve been channeling a lot more time into yard work (something I know nothing about) and my home renovation. The time away from my computer helps me reset for the next day (and reap the benefits of physical activity). A bath and a glass of wine before bed doesn’t hurt, either.


#4 Baking, Baking is Always a Good Idea. And Board Games.

Haley Kuehl, SEO Expert

Like a lot of people, I’ve been dealing with stress by baking. In two weeks I’ve made chocolate chip cookies, molasses cookies, bagels, and pumpkin bread, and I just started a sourdough starter last night. Working from home isn’t anything new for me, but it is challenging to not be able to run over to a coffee shop or have lunch with friends when I need some human interaction. I’ve been trying to switch it up by working on my balcony when it’s warm enough so I can get some fresh air, and working from the sunroom when my office chair gets uncomfortable. My yoga studio is doing virtual classes now, so I also try to take a break to do one of those a couple times a week. And on the “social interaction” side of things, we’ve been doing virtual game nights with friends using online board games and Zoom. It’s not quite the same, but it’s still good to see their faces! BoardGameArena.com is great! They have so many games, and it’s free to use (though you’ll probably want one person in your group to pay the $2 a month for premium so you can start your own “table”). Their Uno game (called Solo) is actually really fun.


How has your #remotework life changed now that we’re all forced quarantined at home? We’d love to hear. Let us know in the comments. 

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Jeanna Barrett

Jeanna is the Founder & Chief Remote Officer for First Page Strategy, an award-winning, fully distributed marketing agency. Jeanna has a combined 17 years of inbound marketing experience at venture-backed startups, digital agencies and Fortune 500 companies, with an expertise focus on business and tech. She's been named 'Top 40 Under 40' of brand marketers and 'Best in the West' for financial technology marketing. In 2016, Jeanna left the U.S. to lay roots and build her business in Belize, and in 2021 First Page was named #43 in fastest growing private companies of Inc. 5,00 Regionals: California.

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