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Should you hire an agency or go in-house?

Social Media Marketing Services

We’re Your Remote Social Media Team

Social media is a powerful brand awareness channel that can boost everything your brand does in SEO and content. With 2.77 billion social media users globally, your brand can’t afford to skip having a smart social media marketing plan that builds your website’s social signals. We can help with both your brand’s social strategy and social media management.

Social Media

We shouldn’t have to tell you that newspaper ads and direct mail are marketing relics. These days, they’re akin to (and about as effective as) leaving your ads under windshield wipers in a dollar store parking lot. The digital world is evolving, so if your brand doesn’t have an organic and paid presence on social media networks, it really doesn’t have a presence.

However, the social media ecosystem is complex and ever-changing. It requires a thoughtful content calendar that integrates everything your brand is doing — announcements, PR placements, blog articles, content downloads, brand education, customer service, and more. In addition to organic social media management (posting and responding), it’s important to layer on a paid social media strategy to increase distribution, followers, and eyeballs on your content. And then there’s the whole beast of keeping up on trends with TikTok, user-generated content (UGC), ephemeral content, Snapchat, and more.

You may decide that your brand’s social media strategy is better left to a social media marketing agency because it can be tricky and time-consuming to do all the following or even just a few:

  • Interact consistently with all the different social platforms.
  • Establish and grow your social presence.
  • Reach the right audience on social — your customers and prospects.
  • Curate content that is interesting.
  • Track competitors’ social activity.
  • Understand social analytics from all of the different platforms.

If social media isn’t your thing, that’s okay. At FPS, it’s ours. Our team of social media strategists will:

  • Establish a unique social presence that focuses on engagement.
  • Create and project a consistent brand image and leverage all the content your brand has to share.
  • Plan and deliver whip-smart written and visual content because visuals matter on social media.
  • Create custom campaigns that will highlight content pillars and brand initiatives, and keep your brand ‘cool’ in the social media world.
  • Make sure you have all the tools in place to successfully reach your audience and are tracking everything to show what is working for your brand.
  • Help you choose the best platforms for your target demographics and craft perfect posts.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram are great channels for your brand to conduct real-time conversations with customers, showcase your personality and go viral with memorable content. Ready to get started? We are — contact us using the button below to build an inbound marketing plan that includes engaging social media.


"There are 3 billion social media users globally, and 97% of marketers are using social media to reach their audience"
— Statisa

Here’s What Social Media Services We Offer

Social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

We’ll analyze your brand, what your competitors are doing and what is happening in the industry and then build you a custom social media plan.

Social Media Calendars

Social Media Calendars

Social content curation and distribution for many different social sites is the most complex thing about social media. Let us handle this for you.

Social Campaigns

Social Campaigns

Monthly social campaigns will keep your brand fresh and fun — use campaigns to highlight a content pillar, product launch, brand initiatives and more.

Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social Advertising

It’s not enough to just post your social content and hope that they will come. All social platforms are built around advertising, so you need to pay to play. Leverage paid social for boosting your posts, distributing your content and more.

Our Service Tools and Partners

We subscribe to a variety of marketing tools that you can leverage when working with us: