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From the FPS Founder:

How #WorkFromAnywhere Gave Me Time Freedom, Location Freedom, & Financial Freedom

Jeanna Barrett founder of First Page Strategy

On the surface, here's how it sounds:

A story of how a successful young career woman ditched her high-paying, fast-paced corporate gig to live it up on the beaches of Central America.

And on the surface, that’s exactly what happened. I gave it all up – the money, the status… the mind-numbing tedium of 8-hours in an office with fluorescent lighting… Every. Damn. Day.

But, as always, there’s more (a lot more) to the story. See, I did it all for love. No, not the stereotypical romantic kind of love. Love for myself. I decided I loved me way more than I loved (tolerated) climbing some meaningless corporate ladder to a position “at the top.”

Along the way, I fell in love again. And again, and again. I fell in love with the reefs and shores of Belize. I fell in love with the dizzying freedom of not answering to anyone but me. I fell in love with the potential this new life provided – a new journey, a new career, a new perspective. But mostly, I fell in love with time freedom, location freedom & financial freedom (which came soon after).

And, as people in love are wont to do, I felt the need to share it. I knew if I could build a life that I loved – that fulfilled me as a professional, as a woman, as a human – I could help others do the same.

So here’s my story of how I gave up “living the dream” and started living life on my own terms.

Spoiler alert: I’m going to start in the here and now, because it’s pretty effing amazing.

Jeanna Journey

2022-Present Day: A Future of Endless Possibility

FPS is a thriving full-service remote agency, specializing in growth marketing for product-led businesses. Our team is made up of 40 marketing experts (and growing) located around the globe, while I work from my home office in Roatan, Honduras. Every member of the organization – FTEs, Extended Team Members (independent contractors), and freelancers – was drawn by our commitment to empowering people to thrive beyond the traditional agency 9-5 office, and the #workfromanywhere lifestyle.

2020-2021: Growing FPS Through a Global Health Crisis

After years of building a reputation for expertise in SaaS, fintech and startup brands, we were already prepared to work from home during 2020-2021 ( we’d been doing it since 2016). We fully embraced our focus on growth marketing – a full-service approach to SEO, content, lead gen, email, social and more, with the sole goal of increasing revenue and driving long-term, sustainable growth for our clients.

As FPS grew, our team did as well. In addition to our many talented Extended Team Members, we began hiring FTEs for critical roles, allowing us to take on new clients and solidify our position as leaders in the remote marketing industry.

I spent 2020 working from an RV (because, #workfromanywhere), driving from CA to Washington State, working from campsites along the way with my canine soulmate, Gigi.


2016-2019: The Biggest Adventure Begins (and Builds)

I abandoned the corporate world (and the U.S.) for greener pastures and brighter horizons in Belize. I wrote an article published in Medium ("I’m Leaving My 6-Figure San Francisco Startup Career to Sell Ice Cream on a Beach") and then Fast Company reached out for some follow-ups (“How I Left My 12-Year Career in Silicon Valley to Work on a Beach in Belize" and “What I Learned When I Quit My Job, Moved to the Caribbean, and Became My Own Boss”). A company I shouted out in one of the articles noticed the backlink. They approached me for help after firing their SEO agency… and FPS was born.

Big dream became a reality when I bought my sailboat, Gyal Boss, and worked from the waters of Belize.


2011-2015: The Golden Gate Years

I moved to San Francisco and began work as a marketing consultant (Shand Group and Group 11 agencies), before joining SAIL Pay mobile startup (later acquired by Capital One). I then led the launch of SparkBusinessIQ.com, Capital One’s first business blog and content play for their brand, before signing on to help fintech unicorn Kabbage exponentially grow their inbound as Head of Inbound & Content Marketing.

I also received the dual honors of being named “Top 40 Under 40” of brand marketers and “Best in the West” for financial technology marketing.

The rate race was starting to get to me, so I went on a Purification & Sacred Arts yoga retreat in Bali, explored six Greek islands, hiked Machu Picchu and sailed the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Belize.


2005-2010: A Very Good Place to Start

I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in journalism and graphic design. I moved to Seattle and began a career in journalism. I joined mobile startup Whrrl, my first job in tech, and I started dreaming it would lead me to San Francisco some day. I also wrote for Seattle media outlets and joined the Girl Power Hour board. Also started a camping blog, because why not?

I was thrilled to be named one of the Top 40 People to Meet at Seattle BizTech. Decided to work the speaker circuit and volunteer my time.


And now we’re back at the beginning. What a long, strange trip it’s been – and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it.

What’s next in this story? Stick a bookmark in it, because there’s much, much more to come.

About Jeanna

Jeanna is the Founder & Chief Remote Officer for First Page Strategy, an award-winning remote growth marketing agency. A one-time up-and-comer in the corporate marketing world, Jeanna gave it up to pursue her goals as an expat entrepreneur in Central America. Now a thought leader in remote work and growth marketing, Jeanna has assembled a team of experts around the world, with combined decades of experience in SEO, content, social media, lead gen and much more. Driven by data and based in inbound marketing methodology, FPS is a leader in achieving increased revenue and long-term, sustainable growth for SaaS, fintech and startup clients. Jeanna has been named “Top 40 Under 40” of brand marketers and “Best in the West” for financial technology marketing.

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