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Marketing Data & Analytics Services

We’re Your Remote Marketing Analytics Team

We are a data-driven growth agency. Data is at the crux of everything we do, before we do it. In-depth marketing analytics allow us to test, iterate, and show business value. And you get to track your traffic and revenue growth. It’s a win-win.

Data & Analytics

Everything in today’s marketing world should be driven by analytics. The best marketers in the industry are constantly looking at the data associated with their marketing initiatives and adjusting accordingly because the right analysis is critical to top-line growth. But, with all the metrics and different marketing platforms offering their own analytics, the data can be muddled and overwhelming. So, where do you start?

Before starting with any new marketing initiative, it’s imperative to ensure website and platform data is shored up and tracking properly, clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks are set to show success, and there is one clean “source of truth” and place to visualize your data.

This is a critical first step we take at FPS before starting marketing with any new client. Before we start any campaign or any new initiative, we want to be able to track and show success.

What this looks like is:

  • Conducting an audit of website analytics
  • Ensuring Google Analytics is set up properly
  • Creating the appropriate tags within Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Leading a growth strategy session where we talk about the focus growth metrics (KPIs and supporting metrics) that will show return on your investment
  • Understanding what data you want to pull in from what platforms (and most importantly — what doesn’t matter)
  • Building one clean dashboard to highlight all of the monthly metrics

With analytics consulting from First Page Strategy, you’ll have data experts available the moment they’re needed. There is consistently a reason to dig into data — to look at why numbers are down (or up), understand seasonality, forecast yearly growth, fine-tune KPIs for marketing initiatives, create attribution models, layer on complex tracking with new channels, analyze what is and isn’t working, and more. Data is a never-ending piece of every marketing strategy. When your marketing efforts are backed by data, it becomes a machine that improves every month and year, so you spend less and get more in return.

At FPS, we know the numbers and how to use them to fine-tune your marketing strategy for the best results. Even better? We save the expense and hassle of having a full-time internal employee on hand to analyze your data. And we’ve been perfecting our marketing analytics dashboard and reports for clients for the past six years. With FPS, you get the numbers, the story behind them, and recommendations on how to interpret and act upon them. When you have the right experts working for you, the story the numbers tell will turn into increased revenue for your business.


"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight."
— Carly Fiorina, ex CEO of Hewlett-Packard

Here’s What Data & Analytics Services We Offer

Google Analytics Setup & Audit

Google Analytics Setup & Audit

Ensure your Google Analytics isn’t hacked together by a developer, but instead is thoughtfully setup by a marketing data analyst with goals, events, dashboards and more.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Tag management is messy and can bog a website down, but tags are required on your website from nearly every third-party tool. Leverage GTM for a clean tag management experience.

Social Media Strategy

Marketing KPI’s + Dashboard

Build a plan to track and analyze your marketing efforts, so you can constantly test, iterate and improve. Clearly track your investment and return by seeing traffic and revenue climb in a clean dashboard.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Data Analysis

Don’t get bogged down in data — have a team of experts that can tell you the numbers you need to pay attention to, how everything is performing, and where improvements are needed for your brand to see rapid growth.

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