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What are your SaaS company's current growth marketing challenges and wins?

Data & Analytics Services

Make Informed Decisions and Unleash Exponential Growth With Marketing Data & Analysis You Can Trust

You understand the importance of making informed, data-driven decisions to move your business forward — especially when you’re investing in growth marketing tactics.

But maybe your team doesn’t have the technical expertise to set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager properly, you’re unsure which metrics you should be tracking, or you’ve got all the marketing data and just need help making sense of it.

With FPS Data & Analytics Experts, you’re getting advanced technical know-how, marketing and business data you can trust in a dashboard you can track in real time, and a team that will empower you to make the right decisions to achieve exponential growth.

We Create Custom Dashboards

We Create Custom Dashboards

We understand your business is unique. Our experts will work closely with you to craft measurement strategies that align with your specific goals and target audience — and create custom Databox dashboards you can view in real-time, anytime you feel the need to check in on your growth.

We Have Deep Technical Knowledge

We Have Deep Technical Knowledge

Our team has been using the Google Marketing Platform since its inception. Don’t hack your Google Analytics together — set it up thoughtfully with goals, events, dashboards, and more. Leverage Google Tag Manager to ensure your tags are clearly organized and actually help your blog’s performance (not bring it down). Need help transitioning to G4? We do that too!

We Tell it to You Straight

We Tell It to You Straight

Don’t get bogged down in data. Our experts will tell you the metrics that really matter, what you need to pay attention to, and report results to you candidly. We aren’t shy about sharing what worked and what didn’t, so we can make the improvements needed for your brand to grow.

Our Success is Your Long-Term Success

Our Success Is Your Long-Term Success

We don't just deliver short-term wins. Our focus is building a sustainable foundation for your long-term growth. Together, we’ll build a plan to track and analyze your marketing efforts, so you can constantly test, iterate, and improve. Clearly track your ROI as well as traffic, lead, and revenue growth in a clean, easy-to-follow dashboard.

We hired First Page Strategy to replace an agency that wasn't producing results. Right away, the team came in and suggested changes to give us immediate results — both big-picture strategic moves and small tactical choices. I'm also pleased by the level of accountability the FPS team holds themselves to, with clear reporting and a nice back-and-forth on projects. Working with FPS is like having a small, smart, fractional team of specialists instead of one individual employee."
Heidi Joy Tretheway
Former VP of Marketing
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What Our Data & Analytics Experts Can Do for You

Google Analytics Audit & Setup
Google Analytics Audit & Setup
Google Tag Manager Audit & Setup
Google Tag Manager Audit & Setup
Custom Marketing & Business Benchmark Dashboards
Custom Marketing & Business Benchmark Dashboards
Data Analysis & Reporting
Data Analysis & Reporting

Our Process: Bespoke to Your Business & Your Goals

To understand the best growth marketing channels and strategy for your brand, we first start with our Growth Scorecard. This helps us identify where you need support and what we should focus on.

Based on your Scorecard, we build your Revenue Acceleration Map, an easy-to-follow plan designed around three Growth Hubs — Attract, Convert, and Accelerate — that bring qualified traffic to your site, improve conversion rates, and increase your revenue. Pretty awesome, right?

How Data & Analytics Are Integrated Into Our Growth Hubs


Attract Hub

We identify the most crucial metrics that align with
your business objectives and build custom dashboards
that give you a clear, real-time view of your marketing performance.


With these powerful insights at your fingertips, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns,
boost conversions, and more — right away.


Convert Hub

We leverage the data and insights from your custom dashboards to significantly improve your marketing performance. By closely monitoring the metrics that matter most to your business, we identify areas of opportunity and potential bottlenecks.


Using data-backed strategies, we finetune your marketing campaigns, optimize budget allocation, and implement proven tactics to maximize
your ROI.


Accelerate Hub

As we gather more data and insights, we continuously refine and optimize your strategy, adapt to market trends,
and capitalize on emerging opportunities to ensure sustained growth.


Our goal is to keep your marketing ahead of the curve
in the ever-evolving digital landscape — and keep your business thriving for the
long haul.

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Our client’s revenue increased 300% in just one year with a data-driven strategy from FPS

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