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Careers at FPS

Work from Home. #workfromanywhere.
Work with FPS.


What is FPS?

Let’s start with what we’re not.

We’re not your typical 9-5 office job. We’re not micromanagers, checking your Slack status to see when you’re online. We’re not basing your future growth on an annual review with a fixed, percent raise. We’re not like traditional agencies with a hustle culture.

Ready to Hear What We Are?

We’re revolutionary thinkers and big idea-ers who produce results.

We’re fully remote (since 2016!), and fully committed to our team working wherever, whenever and however they do it best.  We empower people to thrive beyond the traditional 9-5 burnout/hustle culture. Working at FPS is as much as a lifestyle as it is an agency. We’re lovers of Time Freedom — we strive to work within hours (32-hours/week!) and boundaries (nonlinear, async work days) that give our team harmony with their lives outside of work. We’re a global brand made up of experts from every corner of the world, sharing their insight, their culture, and their unique perspective. We’re cutting-edge, tech-savvy, and data-driven. We’re the future of remote work. We are FPS, and we hope you’re ready to come along for the adventure.



Open Positions

We're not hiring right now, but check back later!

Here's What Our Team Has to Say...

FPS Core Values

Our core values are woven throughout our whole company — you’ll see them come up in the language we use, the processes we follow, and the expectations we set. At FPS, we evaluate our teammates on if they're living/breathing our core values. That’s right — if you don’t take your minimum vacation requirements, that’s not good here.
FPS Life

We Live the FPS Life

We are committed to achieving work/life harmony while working as a remote team across cultures, locations, and time zones. We do not value or support overworking, “hustle culture,” a lack of work boundaries, or burnout — we take our vacation, don’t schedule more than three Zooms a day, have no-meeting Fridays, work 32-hour weeks & track time in our bandwidth dashboards. Working at FPS is a lifestyle. Every day is a new adventure, and we embrace it from our homes, from our favorite coffee shops, or from 38,000 feet. We #workfromanywhere, and we have fun doing it. 


We Are Candid

We value Radical Candor by caring deeply about our teammates and challenging ourselves and others directly. We foster a culture that communicates effectively with each other and with our clients. Being candid means that we are transparent and don't practice "agency spin" when presenting to clients — we keep it real and if something isn't working, we pivot. We believe so strongly in the philosophies of this book, that we give every employee a copy of Radical Candor to read when they start at FPS. 

Big Idea

We Use Data & Big Ideas to Produce Gold Star Work

We are focused on ROI and growth of traffic, leads and revenue. We deliver results. We are experts and have spent countless hours honing our craft. The years of developing these skills have resulted in a strategic process at FPS that is both proprietary and proven by the big ideas we generate, the results we achieve for our clients, and the awards given for our work (Content Marketing Institute, HubSpot and Inc Magazine have said we’re some of the best!). 

Async Work

We Are Tech Savvy & Remote-First

We are tech savvy and remote first — in how we communicate and how we work. Our 100 percent distributed company is built on the best remote tech stack. We default to async work, so that all coworkers across time zones can collaborate. We also recognize and value that our async work tool, ClickUp, is integral to everything we do and follow a “if it’s not in ClickUp, it didn’t happen” mantra. We document everything at FPS — in Parachute Plans (training docs) and Road Maps (company policies) — so that everyone at FPS understands our standards of working, and we don’t lose any intellectual property when coworkers come and go. 

Good Eggs

We Are Good Eggs

We strive to be good humans — to work with, to partner with, to hang with. We treat each other with kindness and respect. We show up for meetings on time and communicate in advance when we can’t make it, are responsive in Slack and ClickUp, own our tasks without passing the monkey, and value compassion and empathy at every level. We are accountable for the high-quality client work we need to deliver and for the internal processes we need to follow to keep FPS running efficiently & remotely. We accept our coworkers in any way they want to show up, allow others to be themselves and value everyone’s opinion and background — all abilities, races, sizes, sexualities, religions, ages, genders and countries of origin are welcome at FPS. 

Join FPS & #workfromanywhere

Career Team Outside

Our Perks and Benefits

fps-pricing-listTime Freedom

We believe in work/life harmony at FPS — there is a lot of time needed outside of work to be a functioning, happy & healthy human. That is why we consider our core perk at FPS as Time Freedom: 84 days off a year that you wouldn't get at other jobs (minimum PTO,  Christmas break, company holidays, sick days, and ~52 "days off" with 32-hour work weeks).


fps-pricing-list Remote Work

#workfromanywhere life — work wherever makes you happy, and share your travels with us on Slack. You have the freedom to live the life you want outside of an office when at First Page Strategy.


fps-pricing-listComplete Autonomy

Freedom to not feel micromanaged — just meet your deadlines. We give our team the creative space to do their best work.

fps-pricing-listHappy Teammates

We’re not slogging away in an office all day or working 40+ hours a week, so we’re all a bit more relaxed — and it shows. No bad attitudes, no covert eye-rolls, and no passive-aggressive emails in sight. We're kind & enjoy working with each other.

fps-pricing-listStay Healthy

Better health means better work. We offer medical, dental, vision, and life insurance to all of our FTEs, plus we’ll cover 70% of your health premiums (with the gold tier option).

fps-pricing-listSave for the Future

Who wants to work forever? We’re here to help you reach your retirement goals with a 401(K) program available to all FTEs. Even better, we’ll match 100% of your first 3% in contributions and 50% of the next 2%.

fps-pricing-listTruly Open PTO

True story. When we say “Open PTO,” we really mean it. Burnout is real, but you can avoid it when you take time away from work. So turn off those notifications and live your life. In addition to our company holidays (including an extended end-of-year holiday break), we encourage all employees to take at least two weeks of personal time off annually. Need more? Get your stuff done and take it. You’re worth the wait.

fps-pricing-listWFA Toolbox

We’re equipping you to do your best work from anywhere. Upon hire, FTEs will receive a new Macbook Air (with option to buy post-employment). Plus, we’ll give you $150 USD/month to cover phone and internet expenses.

fps-pricing-listSpotify Premium

We believe strongly in a great WFH life, so you’ll get a yearly stipend for your subscription to Spotify to crank those tunes while working. Bonus points if you create a playlist for FPS team members to enjoy.

fps-pricing-listKick-Ass Referral Bonus

Talented people know talented people. Chances are, you know someone who would love to join our team. Refer someone to FPS, and if it works out, you’ll get a sweet $500 Airbnb gift card toward your next big adventure.



fps-pricing-listSocial Change & Impact

At FPS, we give a portion of our profit every year to causes we're passionate about that support social impact and change. Every month, we donate a set recurring amount to BlackLivesMatter.com and every year, we give to It Gets Better Project for Pride. We have also donated to various other causes our team & founder is passionate about such as Voices of Children for children impacted by the Ukraine invasion; multiple rescue animal causes, reducing garbage and plastic in the ocean through 4Ocean, and disability support/anti-cancer campaigns. We are Good Eggs and a team with heart. <3


fps-pricing-listTeam Building & Events

We’re always thinking about meaningful ways to make our (remote) culture stand out. It might be team events, awards, gifts of appreciation, our quarterly business book club, common interest groups on Slack, virtual events, or even personal connections (like cheering on colleagues at the Boston Marathon, meeting up for drinks in Roatan, or downloading a team member’s latest album!).

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at First Page Strategy

It is of utmost importance for us at FPS to foster an environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion — our team reflects a mix of different races, ethnicities, gender identities, ages, and religions. We believe that by having a team with a breadth of different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, we are able to offer better ideas, insights, and outcomes. At FPS, we are:

First Page Strategy is a woman-owned business. We believe in empowering women to find their place in today’s workforce. Yes, any company can say that, but can any company say that 80% of their leadership team identifies as female? FPS can. 

Our goal is to have our team represent a minimum of 30% LGBTQA+ and BIPOC. We aren’t there quite yet, but we’re pretty close and believe that diversity is the key to success for our team, our business, and the communities in which we live, so are continue to push to our goal & improve our DEI initiatives.

We accept our coworkers in any way they want to show up, allow others to be themselves, and value everyone’s opinion and background — all abilities, races, sizes, sexualities, religions, ages, genders and countries of origin are welcome at FPS. 

Read more about our commitment to remote work

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