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Growth Marketing

What it is? Where to get it? Why you need it?

Growth marketing — the marketing it-word of the last decade. And to many, a complete and utter mystery. So, what is growth marketing? Well, to start with, we can tell you what it’s not. Growth marketing is not traditional marketing. It’s not growth hacking, demand generation, product marketing, or performance marketing. It’s not a quick fix. What it is is a long-term, holistic methodology designed to bring your brand measurable, sustainable growth.


It works by developing a cohesive approach to marketing that combines strategies across multiple channels with the singular goal of achieving extraordinary results — i.e., GROWTH. From killer content to highly effective SEO and well beyond, growth marketing isn’t pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. It is realistic and attainable...with the right help. We’re here to tell you how to put it to work for your brand.

The Growth Marketing Funnel

growth marketing funnel

Growth marketing utilizes an expanded marketing funnel, appealing to buyers at every stage. Often called the “pirate funnel,” it extends from awareness to referral and every step in between. The pirate funnel is not your mama’s marketing funnel. It’s an entirely different — and more effective — way to guide your customers through their journey. But the end goal here isn’t simply conversion — it’s creating loyal customers who will tell others about your amazing brand, turning your funnel into a never-ending growth engine.

How Does FPS Do Growth Marketing?



SEO is critical to achieving growth. Technical, on-page, and off-page SEO all play a role in getting buyers to your site, moving them through the funnel, and driving them to convert (and tell their friends).



Killer content drives growth, but it needs to be guided by your other strategies to deliver results. Content, as part of a big-picture growth marketing strategy, builds brand awareness and positions you as an authority.



Without conversion, there is no growth. We leverage tactics like marketing automation, A/B testing and careful positioning of CTAs to drive your audience to take action. Email nurture campaigns keep customers’ eyes on the prize, and paid social ads capture and convert leads in the places they frequent.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation is about a lot more than getting people into your funnel. It’s about making them want what you have to offer. Lead gen builds awareness, raises interest, and gets your leads ready for activation.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Getting the right message to the right people at the right time isn’t possible without email marketing. We leverage your amazing content, package it up, and nurture your audience through the funnel from awareness to consideration to decision with the messaging they need to convert.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

We rely on the numbers to identify opportunities for growth, track progress and develop new experiments to test our strategies. We’ve developed a tech stack with the best analytics tools on the market so we always know what's working, and what can be improved to deliver you the best results.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising works, but only when it’s used in conjunction with a rock solid organic/inbound strategy. We focus on growth marketing for the organic search side, so we don’t do PPC. However, we have a robust Paid Social Advertising service to deliver high-converting messaging to your audience, where they are.



Text-only content doesn’t cut it anymore. To achieve growth, you need to leverage engaging and valuable multimedia assets, like infographics, video content, gated downloads, and more.

Social Media

Social Media

Chances are, your buyers are on social media. And if you aren’t (or don’t have the right presence), you aren’t going to reach them with the same ease or impact.

Clearing Up Growth Marketing Misconceptions

We’ve told you that growth marketing is not the same as the approaches listed below. Now we’re going to tell you why. While there are some similarities, especially between growth marketing and growth hacking (like being data-driven and experimental), these are some of the ways growth marketing stands apart.


Growth Marketing vs…

traditional marketing

Traditional Marketing

  • Only focuses on part of the funnel

  • Is not holistic or comprehensive

  • Numerous, disconnected goals instead of one overarching, data-driven drive

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

  • Focused only on organic growth

  • Should be leveraged in combination with paid media as part of an effective growth marketing strategy

  • Driven by data analytics to achieve sustainable, measurable results

performance marketing

Performance Marketing

  • Focused only on revenue rather than overall growth

  • Concerned more with acquisition than the rest of the funnel

  • Short-term approach

growth hacking

Growth Hacking

  • One-off tactics as opposed to long-term strategy

  • Aims for quick results rather than ongoing growth

  • Looks for the lowest cost, fastest implementation

demand generation

Demand Generation

  • Primary focus on awareness stage

  • Aims to fill pipeline rather than nurture buyers

  • Uses more PPC and paid channels to achieve goals

There is nothing “wrong” with any of these strategies, and elements of each should be incorporated into a robust growth marketing plan for any ambitious brand. On their own, they won’t likely deliver the results you want to see. Together, they can work as part of your overall growth marketing strategy to deliver long-term, sustainable growth.

Growth Marketing Strategies That Deliver:



The scientific method is key to growth marketing. Form a hypothesis, test it out, and if it doesn’t work, try again. A/B testing is critical to help you learn what works and what doesn’t.



Set it and forget it? Not exactly, but the goal of growth marketing is to discover tactics (through experimentation), find what works, and repeat through automation to achieve long-lasting growth.

market penetration

Market Penetration

Find a niche where your competitors aren’t answering buyer pain points, then own it. What do you offer that no one else can? Look for your brand differentiators and make those the focus.

hockey stick growth

Hockey Stick Growth

The “blade years” are for building your strategy and experimenting with new tactics. The inflection point is when growth begins to curve upward, and the rest is all stick (sustained upward momentum).



You can’t give away your best stuff for free? Or can you? You can, and you should. Freemiums, free trials, and ungated content get buyers in the door. Your amazing product keeps them there.

frictionless onboarding

Frictionless Onboarding

Buyers won’t stick around if adopting your product is a pain. Customer service and user experience should all come into play when creating a smooth, frictionless onboarding process.

referral programs

Referral Programs

You don’t just want loyal customers. You want brand evangelists. Reciprocal referral programs and incentives can build a near-viral campaign to get your brand in front of new eyes and compound growth.

influencers and collabs

Influencers and Collabs

Analyze trending topics in your industry and go after the voices your buyers are listening to. Form partnerships and collaborations to leverage their audience and build trust and authority.



Growth marketing fails without data. Continuous monitoring of KPIs and key business metrics will help you make informed decisions and adapt quickly when a particular tactic isn’t working.

Tracking the Success of Your Growth Marketing Strategy

“Growth” is a big word with many interpretations. You must understand what it means to you and how you’ll measure it to be sure your growth marketing strategy is on the right track. Here are some of the most important metrics to monitor:

Conversion Rate – Conversion rate is the number of visits or views, divided by the number of total conversions. Conversions can be email click-thrus, landing page form fills, or upgrades from freemium to paid plans. Walk through all your conversions and find the ones that are most important to you to begin measuring growth.

Customer Acquisition CostCAC is calculated by dividing your total expenses to acquire, nurture, and convert customers (both sales and marketing), divided by the number of new customers acquired. To achieve growth, be sure the CAC is always less than the Customer Lifetime Value. 

Web Traffic Keep a close eye on traffic to your most valuable and high-converting pages. Also monitor bounce rate, pageviews, time spent on page, and new sessions for a big-picture perspective on page performance.

Leads Generated Take a look at customer acquisition, new contacts via landing pages, and leads generated per unique offer to find what works to hook potential buyers and what doesn’t.

Customer Lifetime Value CLV is the total potential profitability throughout the entire customer lifecycle. To calculate, multiply the average amount of purchase and number of purchases per year, then multiply by the average length of customer relationship (in years).

A/B Testing A/B testing should be conducted for every experiment or tactic you try. This metric will change frequently, but it’s critical to understanding which growth marketing variants can be automated for sustainable growth and which need to go.

Why Partner with FPS for Your Growth Marketing Strategy?

We utilize end-to-end funnel optimization to help you reach your goals

We don’t just focus on pouring unqualified leads into your funnel. We’re all about quality over quantity. So we look for the right leads, and then we nurture them every step of the way through awareness, acquisition, and activation, and then as they move down the funnel toward retention, revenue, and referral. Through the process, we keep our sights set on growth, based around the goals you’ve set for your brand.

We are multi-channel, multimedia masters of inbound marketing

We aren’t just SEO or just content or anything else. We are all of the above. We combine your channels into one holistic approach to growth that leverages interconnected strategies to achieve maximum results. Our experts also know what assets move the needle, and we work to create stellar multimedia content developed specifically for your brand, including videos, infographics, downloadable guides, and much more.

We are data-driven and fully transparent about your results, so you know your strategy is safe in our hands

The numbers don’t lie, and neither do we. We’ll never “fluff” your data or spin it to make a strategy seem like it’s working when it’s not. Instead, we will test and experiment boldly to find what works for your brand. In the meantime, you will always know exactly how your strategy is working, when it isn’t, and the solutions we recommend to correct course and reach your goals. But don’t take it from us — our other clients can tell you how we increased traffic by 400 percent and revenue by 300 percent in just a single year.

Our marketing teams emulate the structure & expertise of some of tech's best marketing teams

Our founder leads First Page Strategy with a background of 15+ years marketing for startups, tech, SaaS and FinTech companies — from Fortune 500 brands to unicorn startups, iPhone apps and acquired tech brands. She has built out our marketing team to emulate the best-in-class teams she was a part of at these brands. You’ll have access to a full marketing team with channel expertise across SEO, content, lead generation, product, social media, paid social advertising, email marketing, marketing analytics, brand, and more.

We're less expensive than building a complex, in-house marketing team

We have deep channel expertise — and you have access to our entire suite of experts, at a fraction of the cost. To hire one of our Experts full time + benefits would be $100-200K a year. To hire our whole marketing team full-time would cost you more than a million dollars a year. One Million Dollars. Leveraging this type of complex team for a fraction of the cost will help you grow revenue rapidly vs. hiring one person in-house who has to juggle the workload of 5+ marketing channels. You get to move quick, keep resources lean, and tap into the power of the channel expertise you need, when you need it.

Our work is not done by outsourced help, interns or inexpensive contractors

We do not outsource our labor, hire interns or source inexpensive contractors off UpWork in order to keep our costs down. We get outstanding outcomes for clients because we have the best people in the industry doing the work. Every Expert at First Page Strategy has grown with their industry; seen it all and done it all; and has strategic focus instead of a "worker bee" mindset. In our founder’s search to recruit the best for First Page Strategy, she specifically looks for this type of marketing expert who has chosen to leave the corporate world to work remotely and then she snatches them up for you.

We have one essential intent: 3-5x growth

Our ESSENTIAL INTENT at First Page Strategy is to 3-5x client revenue and 3-5x marketing ROI. This approach leads to impressive growth data for our clients (400% traffic growth, 30,000 leads and 300% revenue growth in one year!) Unlike other agencies, our team of marketing experts are driven by our customers’ success, and with that, our customers’ revenue growth goals become our goals. What BIG goal are you ready to knock out of the park? We're here for it.

We are not a traditional agency (neither our prices nor how we operate)

Other competitive growth marketing agencies similar to ours charge $200+ an hour. Our overhead is low since we’re remote — we haven’t spent your marketing dollars on a swanky office with fancy white couches and a ping pong table or hosted client happy hours on the rooftop with a live band. This allows us to charge only for the hours it takes to get a job done. We don’t mark-up costs of doing business 10-20x. Your budget goes into compensating the expertise team working on your account, and a working budget for content / paid social advertising, and more.

Our goal is to produce results for our select group of clients, so we don’t say “that’s out of scope” every time we need to review an extra document or join a partner call.

We won’t spin things to always be positive and lie or sugar coat — if results aren't what we expect, we’ll own up to it, dig into what could be happening and have a plan of attack to improve it.

We won’t report to you a list of tasks we completed — instead we’ll show you your increased traffic and revenue. If you want to see all the tasks, we have a transparent ClickUp policy — check-in anytime on what we're working on, if you'd like.

Our remote employees deliver better work and are more engaged and happy

Enough studies on the internet will prove this out — remote employees are more happy. We’re all autonomous, working with our dogs, doing our laundry in the middle of the day if needed, and taking the day off to go to the beach, recoup, explore a new city, or spend more time with our family. We have more freedom and we’re just more relaxed and happier. Our deliverables will shine and simply put: you’ll like working with us.

Need result-based marketing built on a marketing map that has produced 400 percent traffic growth, 30,000 leads, and 300 percent revenue growth for our clients?