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The story of how First Page came about — and grew — is a story of the power of content. 

After more than a decade of working in inbound marketing, I realized corporate America was no longer serving my personal journey for growth or happiness. I made a snap decision leave my career in San Francisco, start First Page, and work remotely as an expat entrepreneur in Belize.

I wrote about how this decision on Medium in a post titled, "I’m Leaving My 6-Figure San Francisco Startup Career to Sell Ice Cream on a Beach" that was shared 2.2K times on social media and recommended 559 times on Medium. From there, an editor at Fast Company — one of the most-read business and entrepreneur publications in the U.S. — emailed me. He had read my story on Medium and asked me to share my story with their readers.

So, I wrote How I Left My 12-Year Career in Silicon Valley to Work on a Beach in Belize and What I Learned When I Quit My Job, Moved to the Caribbean, and Become My Own Boss (Together shared 1.3k times).

Within the first Fast Company article, I linked to a company that happened to be in the market for a new inbound marketing agency and reached out to me. So, I pitched the business and won my first client. From Medium to Fast Company to my first client, THAT is the power of content marketing. From there, I was able to build what started as a solopreneur, freelancing business into a full inbound marketing agency with 12 experts across the globe.

Today, First Page is ran from my home office in Belize and is a location-independent online marketing agency.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn.

Climb that goddamn mountain.
— Jack Kerouac