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ROUNDUP: 6 Reasons Your Conversion Rate Is Falling Short (And How to Fix It)

You're working toward growth, but without conversions, you're coming up short. Here's the best we've gathered from around the web on how to improve your conversion rate.

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Kevin Dean
Kevin Dean

Sep 10, 2021

Girl Scout cookies are delicious, am I right? You might be making a mental note to Google when Girl Scout cookie-selling season is (like I just did) so you can order a box of Tagalongs, Samoas, or maybe Thin Mints. But, if you’re also wondering what Girl Scout cookies have to do with this month’s focus on conversion rate, consider that the ultimate goal of fundraising through selling cookies is to, well, sell lots of cookies. 

You can certainly go door-to-door asking people to buy, but there are tons of other strategies that could increase the likelihood of someone buying. You could curate an email list of highly engaged cookie lovers and repeat customers, give out samples, and then track who was most interested in which product. In the marketing world, of course, we’re talking about email marketing, CTAs, and lead gen offers. The point here is that when you take the time to develop a conversion strategy, you’re increasing the efficiency of those marketing efforts and the rate of success.


Conversion rate should be measured as a KPI – how your site is (or isn't) converting people can be indicative of your website's effectiveness and performance. If you’re tired of going door-to-door and ready to improve conversion rate through some vetted tips and strategies, check out these helpful articles below.   


6 Reasons Your Conversion Rate Is Tanking


Your CTAs Aren't Doing the Heavy Lifting

This is a great article to start with as Neil Patel first explains that even the best companies can struggle with conversion rates. After a nice boost in morale, he offers practical tips for improving conversion rates, focusing specifically on two common culprits: CTAs and an unclear value proposition. Though it may seem overly simple, he backs up each with tangible examples and ways to improve.


You Don't Have a CRO Strategy

If you’re looking for a refresher or just a clear definition of what exactly conversion rate optimization entails, this article has got you covered. Along with five ways CRO benefits SEO and organic traffic, Moz offers some practical advice on how to approach improving your CRO through different methods.


Your Website Isn't Up to Par

Specifically geared to ecommerce platforms, this article first explores what the typical ecommerce conversion rates should look like. From there, you’re given a thorough list of 20 reasons why visitors aren’t converting. From poor first impressions and UX to misunderstanding your audience and ineffective CTAs, this list is sure to help you identify some problem areas.


You Don't Understand What Your Conversion Rate Should Be

WordStream dives right into the data with research from thousands of Google Ad accounts (totaling $3 billion in annual spend) to highlight what good conversion rates should really look like. This article also offers five practical steps you can take to increase landing page conversions. What’s nice about this article is that it doesn’t lose sight of the fact that the quality of your conversions still matters. It’s great to have high conversions on something like a landing page, but ultimately, if they’re the wrong target audience, it won’t help you grow your business.


You're Ignoring the Basics

Ready to get down to brass tacks? This article serves up 13 ways to increase your conversion rates with explanations on why it’s important and how to implement it. From strengthening your CTA copy to adding countdown timers, live chat, and more, it’s a list worth looking through.


You Aren't Taking a Scientific Approach

Conversion Sciences takes a look at eight common reasons why you may be seeing a dip in your conversion rates. This list looks at things like tracking codes that may be reporting incorrect data, site performance issues, competitor landscape, and more. 

Take a page out of the Girl Scouts' guidebook: learn what your customers want, create demand, and put in the legwork to get those conversions (chocolate never hurts, either). And if you need some help along the way, First Page is here. Our experts understand conversion rate optimization and growth marketing, so we can help you move that needle (without going door-to-door).

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Kevin Dean

Kevin has 9 years of experience in digital marketing across various channels, and enjoys being a full-stack jack of all trades. In his free time he moonlights as a musician/songwriter.

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