7 Ways to Generate New Business Leads

What happens when a new show drops on Netflix, but it has no viewers (look, it was no Tiger King)? It gets canceled. Or a blockbuster premiers to an empty theatre? It’s a flop. Or a Broadway show opens, but doesn’t sell tickets? It swiftly closes. Each may have had a great story, a meaningful message, or the potential to touch or change lives. But what did they all lack? An audience. 

It’s no different with your brand. You may have all the elements for success, but if no one is there to see or hear them, you may as well be shouting into the void (or, more likely, throwing money into it). Lead generation is more than data collection or form fills; it’s a strategy that will bring the right people to your brand at the right time, to hear the right message that will make them convert. As a Fintech or SaaS company, you’ve probably already got a lead gen strategy in place, and it likely involves some combination of content, advertising and data mining. But if it isn’t bringing qualified leads knocking at your brand’s door, it’s time to level up and implement tactics that will deliver.

Here, we offer seven ways you can generate new inbound leads for your brand… before it gets “canceled.”


Paid Ads on Social Media

Your brand’s presence on social media has never been more important than it is now. But thanks to shifting algorithms and privacy settings, you can no longer rely on organic reach to connect you to the right audience. Paid ads are vital for lead generation, and even on a modest budget, they can be an effective tool for delivering your message to the right audience.

You may have already chosen the right social platforms for your business, but navigating paid ads, boosted posts, targeting and more can be tricky. As a HubSpot certified agency, we always recommend their marketing services, and we especially love their ad management software. What makes this such a great pick? HubSpot integrates ad management with your CRM to find leads that are already interacting with your brand via your website, and helps you create customized social campaigns that drive results. Their precise, in-depth segmentation leads to highly effective retargeting campaigns and automated ad sequences that capture, nurture and retain your leads.


Email Marketing and Newsletters

Before you scoff at our recommendation for email marketing, you should first read about its renaissance in a post-pandemic marketing world. Yes, email marketing is a true comeback kid, and it’s one of the most effective lead gen tools in your inbox. But if you’re worried that you’ll need a team of designers and IT to pull it off, we’ve got good news for you.

Again, we have to recommend HubSpot. Their email marketing services help you create visually attractive, personalized emails that inspire clicks.  They also offer A/B testing and analytics, so you can get a clear picture of what types of email campaigns work for your audience… and what keeps them coming back. From one easy-to-manage location, you can distribute newsletters to your entire email list, share product updates, or create nurture campaigns to ensure your leads will stick around to hear more.


Blog Posts with CTAs

Creating content for blog posts should focus on serving the needs of your existing customers while simultaneously catching the eye of new leads. But simply writing articles about your business isn’t enough. The best lead-generating blogs also contain strong CTAs that offer gated content in exchange for the user’s data. Carefully crafted and positioned CTAs not only bring new leads; they also drive blog revenue

Your first step to generating leads via your blog is to create content that is optimized for SEO, matched to your buyer’s intent and aligned with where they are in the buyer’s journey. From there, CTA design and placement is critical. We recommend both in-article and bottom article CTAs to give readers more opportunities to act. HubSpot simplifies the process with their CTA tool, which allows you to create and implement attractive CTAs that drive clicks in mere moments. Best of all, you can easily track performance to see exactly what motivates your audience to take action. Interested in seeing how your current SEO is helping or hurting visitors to your blog? Check out our free SEO audit:

free seo and content audit analysis


Product Demos

Creating video content is easier and more cost-effective than ever before, and besides that, it’s a great way to bring in qualified leads. Demos and how-tos continue to gain popularity on YouTube, and with more than 100 billion monthly users, you’ll have a wider audience than if you’d advertised on cable TV. 

When creating product demos, be sure to give enough information to leave viewers feeling satisfied, but always give them a reason to learn more. Instruct them to click the link in the video description to find out even more useful tips and insider pointers on using your product, and offer a user guide or instruction manual they can download. By this time, they know your product, they understand how to use it, and they’ve been elevated to the rank of highly qualified lead.


Downloadable Content

These days, data is worth its weight in gold, and amidst heightened privacy and security concerns, it’s not something your audience is always willing to give up. Creating gated content and lead magnets is a great strategy to capture information, but it has to have enough value to justify the exchange. If your content is packed full of information your readers can find with a simple Google search, well, that juice isn’t likely worth the squeeze.

Instead, you need to craft content that is compelling, unique and useful to your audience. A solid content strategy includes downloadable pieces like guides, checklists, calculators, spreadsheet templates and more. You want to design assets that make their lives easier while simultaneously moving them through your sales funnel. Be sure your content downloads are positioned in places that match buyer intent; for example, you wouldn’t want a quick-start checklist on a blog that’s tailored to existing customers who already understand your products and services.


Optimized Landing Pages

Creating landing pages that serve the needs of leads who click through from outside sources is a perfect way to connect meaningfully within the first few moments someone visits your site. Your landing page should match the content that you're advertising and promoting. So, if you're asking users to download a guide, they should be taken to a specific landing page that talks about this guide, has an image with the guide, and includes a form for them to fill out to obtain the guide. An optimized landing page rewards leads who engage with your content by providing answers to their problems and supporting their journey.

Remember that when it comes to landing pages, less is never more. Ideally, you should create a landing page customized to each lead magnet you offer. In fact, some  brands have more than 40 landing pages, all working to generate leads. With HubSpot’s free landing page builder, you can create, test and optimize your landing pages to ensure top performance. 


Forms and Qualified Calls

Forms are the most important part of your landing page. You need to ask the right amount of questions to get the data you need, but not so many that your potential leads get bored or frustrated. Name and email is no longer enough to count someone as a qualified lead. Ask specific questions, like their purchase intent, professional role or goals in using your product or service. 

At First Page, we’ve been using Typeform to create custom questionnaires embedded in our website  that dig deep into our potential leads to ensure they’re qualified. If they want a phone call from our founder, they have to complete every question, and by then, we know that they are the type of lead we want to nurture. In the followup call, we can ask questions tailored to their specific needs, pain points and budgets.

Effective lead generation is more than yelling into a megaphone and crossing your fingers that the right people will hear you. You don’t need to be louder; you just need to be smarter. Honing your strategy based on the tips above will help you reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message —your message. And with First Page and HubSpot waiting in the wings to guide you through the process, you’ll be on your way to generating qualified leads in no time. Contact us today to get started (and don’t forget to fill out that form!).

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