First Page Roundup: Growth Marketing Tips

What is Growth Marketing?

This relatively new term is used to describe someone in the marketing field who is solely focused on growth within a business and ensuring high returns for the business. For teams focused on growth marketing, a measure of success may be an increase in sales for a specific product the team is advertising. Zoom did a great job of this in 2020 by increasing first-time installations of their mobile app by 728%.

Neil Patel is an industry leader in the growth marketing field, specifically for startups. Marketers like Patel may use growth marketing strategies such as social media advertisements, blog content, or free trials to attract potential customers and hold their attention. Let's dive into some blogs that cover growth marketing and hopefully they can jump start your own growth marketing efforts.

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  1. Crazy Egg: Growth Hacking; The 12 Best Techniques to Boost Conversions

Crazy Egg provides an excellent overview of growth hacking here and how companies like AirBnB and DropBox did this successfully in the early stages of their growth. The author also provides 12 strategies to become a growth hacking ninja within your own company!

  1. HubSpot: 12 Growth Experts To Follow

Sometimes we focus so much on learning the strategies and tactics, we forget people can be our most valuable resource. This Hubspot article gives a brief overview of 12 industry experts' experience with growth marketing and how they recommend getting started.

  1. Growth Media: 50 Actionable Tips for Growth Marketers

They say there is strength in numbers and this guide for 50 growth tactics proves that. A lot of these methods go hand in hand with inbound marketing strategies we've seen before, but growth marketing focuses more on the short-term instead of long-term growth like inbound marketing.

  1. Neil Patel: 5 Growth Hacking Strategies for a Startup That is Struggling to Gain Traction

Neil Patel is an industry leader in the growth marketing field, especially for startups. With the growth of his own business and Crazy Egg, Patel breakdowns the 5 funnels marketers can use to hack growth for startups and the difference between traction and growth.

  1. Growth Hackers: Learn Faster with a Growth Process

This blog post from Growth Hackers takes a deeper dive into growth marketing and identifies key steps to creating a growth process for your business or startup. An example of this is a North Star Metric, a key measure of success for a product team within a company. Identifying growth marketing indicators such as a North Star Metric are crucial in keeping up with a fast-paced growth marketing strategy.


Start Your Growth Marketing Journey!

Now that we have a better idea of what Growth Marketing is, it's time to develop your growth marketing strategy. Every day here at First Page, we're in the trenches experimenting with growth marketing strategies. If you’re interested in kickstarting your growth marketing plan, get in touch with us to discuss.

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