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The Key to Writing Content That Doesn't Already Exist in 10 Places

How does one share industry expertise without regurgitating content that already exists? Here are our best tips for creating unique content.

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Remember when you were a kid and your teacher assigned a report on a common topic like the life cycle of a butterfly? Everyone in your class probably wrote about the same thing, but one student included their own personal experience observing a butterfly during metamorphosis. This unique perspective made their report really stand out and caught the teacher's attention. 

Now, I challenge you to look on any social platform. See any similarities? That's because in a world where hashtags, trends, and challenges dominate, we've lost the element of being truly unique. 

With so much online content, it can be overwhelming to try and stand out from the crowd. But what if we told you that by creating unique content, you can establish yourself as a trusted source in your industry and differentiate yourself from your competitors?

4 Ways to Create Unique Content and Establish Yourself as a Trusted Source

The internet is full of content in all forms and in all stages of the buyer's process — yet we're still told: "Content is King." So how does one share thought leadership and industry expertise but not regurgitate content that simply already exists and is easy to find? Here are our best tips for creating unique, cut-through-the-clutter, truly insightful content.

Add a Personal Element

You are the best "you" out there and it can be a superpower for your brand. Personal experiences are a powerful tool for creating unique content that connects with your audience. Sharing stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned from your own experiences in your industry can provide a fresh perspective and help you build a strong personal brand. By sharing your experiences, you can also create a sense of authenticity and build trust with your audience.

To make the most of personal experiences in your content, it's important to craft stories that are engaging and relevant to your audience. Consider using a storytelling approach with a clear beginning, middle, and end to make your content more captivating. You can also include photos, videos, or other visual elements to bring your stories to life.

Use your Own Data Analysis

Data is everywhere. Your smartphone can deliver you a usage report on Sunday afternoons that summarizes your last seven days (my Pinterest use is an embarrassment, btw). The point is, data is unique to your usage and likely won't be easily replicated by someone else. 

Data is another way to create unique content that sets you apart from the competition. By using data to provide insights and recommendations that are not readily available elsewhere, you can demonstrate your expertise and establish yourself as a trusted source of information.

There are many sources of data that you can use for analysis, including original research, surveys, or case studies. When creating data-driven content, be mindful of outliers, tactics of research, and sources. Data is only valuable if it's accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. You can also use visualization tools, such as graphs, charts, or infographics, to make your data easier to understand and more visually appealing.

Ask the Pros

Podcasts are a great example of asking the pros. Many podcasts bring on guests in order to provide thought-provoking, engaging conversation. Many times these interviews are with people who have unique or expert knowledge in some area.

Expert interviews are a great way to get unique insights on current topics and issues in your industry. By interviewing experts and thought leaders, you can showcase their expertise and provide valuable information to your audience. You can also use expert interviews to establish relationships with other thought leaders in your industry, which can be valuable for networking and cross-promotion.

To get the most out of expert interviews, reach out to the right people. Consider looking for experts who are unique in their story, knowledgeable about your industry, and have a strong online presence. Use social media or industry events to connect with experts and schedule interviews.

Two Can be Better Than One

Consider the phenomenal Brooks & Dunn. Today, they are a Grammy Award-winning country music duo that has been making music for decades. But did you know they were once each solo artists struggling to make it as a household name? It wasn't until their now manager suggested they team up that they became a sensation.

Collaborating with other industry experts and thought leaders can lead to new and original content that sets you apart from the competition. By working together, you can create content that covers a wider range of topics and provides unique perspectives and insights. You can also reach new audiences through collaboration, which can help you expand your online presence and build a stronger personal brand. Collaborations can include creating industry surveys, videos, or articles.

When collaborating with other thought leaders, choose partners who align with your goals and values. Consider working with experts who offer a complement to your own skills and knowledge and vice versa. There's also the added bonus of cross-promoting each other's content and sharing each other's work to reach new audiences.

Striking a Balance in Unique Content Creation

Creating unique content is essential for businesses looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. By incorporating personal experiences, data analysis, expert interviews, and collaboration into your content creation, you can offer a fresh perspective and stand out from the competition. However, it's important to strike a balance between being unique and staying true to what your customers know and love about your brand. Reinventing the wheel too much can have negative consequences.

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Deepshikha Dhankhar

Deepshikha has over a decade of experience in generating demand and capturing revenue through data-informed content strategies. She loves spending time in nature with her daughter and husband.

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