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Your New Remote Office Just Might be the Beaches of Belize!

Remote workers are taking advantage of extended stays in beautiful locations around the world. Belize is doing its best to attract the digital nomad crowd.

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Wendi Williams
Wendi Williams

Feb 25, 2021

Working from home is a pretty sweet gig. As long as you put in your hours and meet your goals, the biggest worries you have are changing from your night PJs to your day PJs (yes, that’s totally a thing, and totally acceptable, thank-you-very-much), and keeping your coffee bar stocked. After a while though, working from home can feel a little, well…monotonous. Whether you’re ready to commit to the digital nomad lifestyle or you’ve found yourself working remotely as a result of COVID, if you find you’re in a WFH slump, it might be time to stop working from home and start working from anywhere.

More specifically, Belize. As the remote work trend continues to rise (becoming less of a trend, and more a way of life) many locales are incentivizing remote workers and digital nomads to get into (or back into) the WFA game. And the sun-drenched, white sand shores of Belize are no exception.


Why Work From Belize?

Okay, first off, why the heck not?! Who wouldn’t want to earn money under a tropical blue sky, attend Zoom meetings with your toes in the sand, or build your digital nomad career while immersing yourself in a vibrant local culture? Sounds like paradise, am I right? We can tell you from personal experience, it is. In 2016, First Page founder Jeanna Barret gave up her fast-paced corporate career and fled for the laid back lifestyle of this Central American country. She hasn’t looked back since. Belize is an ideal location for digital nomads and expats for a variety of reasons, including:

  • English is the official language.

  • The U.S. dollar is accepted nearly everywhere.

  • Communities are eclectic and diverse, and welcoming to all.

  • Belize wants digital nomads, so they offer incentives for traveling and working here.

  • The natural beauty and wildlife is breathtaking, and the people and culture are lovely.

  • The country is incredibly safe and offers a low cost of living.

Convinced? Or just want to get a taste of the good life? Here’s how you can.


Work From Belize with Extended Stays

Right now, The Belize Collection is offering 30 day stays at a number of resorts, all tailored to digital nomads and remote workers. Step out of your room directly onto the sand, work from a private veranda overlooking the Caribbean Sea, or surround yourself with lush green jungle on the banks of a stunning rainforest river. The rates are more than reasonable and accessible to a variety of needs and budgets, and the accommodations are second-to-none. The Belize Collection has designed these packages to appeal to those who want to both work and play, including:

  • Wi-Fi and fiber optic internet to ensure you’re always connected.

  • Both in-room and outdoor work stations for maximum comfort and efficiency.

  • Personal shopper service to ensure you always have the necessities for your month away.

  • All the amenities you would expect from a high-end resort, like on-site dining, linen service, purified water and kitchenettes.

The biggest decision you’ll need to make? Are you more of a jungle person, or a beach person? You can choose to stay at The Belize Collection’s Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge, or get beachy at The Lodge at Jaguar Reef. Other options, including villas and penthouse suites are available, too, so you can bring along a significant other, or even the whole family!


Work From Anywhere. No, Really!

If Belize isn't your jam (and again, I ask, "Why the heck not?!), there are numerous other countries and locales offering great incentives to remote workers. From Iceland to Mauritius, you're sure to find the perfect spot to work, play, learn and live your best life. Check out these countries now offering packages and programs exclusively for digital nomads and remote workers, and start planning the trip of a lifetime.

Need more structure to help you plan your extended remote work trip? Companies like Remote Year offer inclusive packages for one month, four months or one full year. They take care of booking, planning and itineraries, and you get to travel with other likeminded remote workers, and see destinations around the world.

So, how do you make your remote work adventure a success, both personally and professionally? Learn some remote work and travel best practices, and then read up on some valuable insight from experienced digital nomads.

The only thing left? Pack your sunscreen (or your skis) and prepare for takeoff!


Grow Your Career and Go Where You Want

Your 30-day stay in Belize (or the destination of your choice) may be the start of a beautiful relationship. Our founder, Jeanna, realized she could have her piña colada and drink it, too. Belize was the perfect choice to ignite her career as a business owner, while giving her the freedom to travel, explore and discover the world in a whole new way. She’s learned a lot during her time in Latin America, and we recommend checking out some of her tips on working from Belize (or anywhere else) before you pack your bags. 

Want to find out if the work-from-anywhere life is right for you? Read more about Jeanna's story, and find out the benefits of living the remote dream. And if you’re looking for the perfect remote work family, First Page just might be it! We’re hiring, so check out our job openings and start working from wherever you like. Who knows? We might just run into you on the beaches of Belize!

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Wendi Williams

After beginning her career in broadcast media, Wendi spent the next decade writing for clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare, business and tech. She’s been writing since she was 8 years old, and more than 30 years later, doesn’t foresee slowing down anytime soon. Her passion is using words to bring brands to life, and telling their stories in unique and engaging ways. She shares a life of wonder, curiosity and exploration with her husband, two children and pet lizard.

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